Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Parents Need to Parent the Fuck Up

You need to at least watch the 11:00-12:30 part with the world's largest "air quotes."


Maximo Macaroni said...

"Mother" "Father" NOT "Parent" There is no such thing as a "Parent" There are mothers. There are fathers. And fathering does not mean simply copulation. You are quite right. But one "Fathers" by example, not just by yelling. It is more difficult if the mother of your children, especially sons, turns out to be a statist collectivist monster. But still not impossible. Your sons will still listen to their father. Maybr even your daughters, if the example is good enough.

abprosper said...

Having extended kinship arrangements creates many benefits for families especially in the decline.

So yeah, pay you own way, even shares but if everyone is happy and holding adult roles, moving out is not necessary (caveat that it makes it harder to get laid, may not work for everyone and is not with modern housing optimum for family formation if that’s your thing)

Anonymous said...

There is another angle to this, I wish the Captain had explored: the State and its intervention are responsible for criminalizing the male-side of parenting (the absence of which, is causing the epidemic of self-centered spoiled brats that we see around us).

State intervention through family courts, has transformed married fathers into domesticated pets, who have to do everything the wife says, or else they end-up divorced and stripped of everything they have and love.

State intervention through CPS, has effectively criminalized the male form of parenting: personal responsibility, setting boundaries, and punishment.

This is exactly why I don't want to have kids: even if one somehow manages to find a decent girl who won't abuse the power the State gave her (and good luck with that!), fathers are effectively neutered and criminalized, by the State, the culture and the school system.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you're not my dad.

You're supposed to train and insruct your children and make sure they acquire marketable skills so they no longer need to rely on you.

If you do that, you won't need to bad mouth them nor to be mean to them, they will have everything they need to go and earn.

You're not supposed to treat them like shit as you imply.

Had you been my dad and talked to me like that I would have ripped your balls off and made you swallow them.

Anonymous said...

"Drew the line"
"Kick their asses"
"Push them out"

You are one big scumbag Aaron.


Birds can push their offsprings off the nest because all birds need to know is fly and this is a natural reflex.

Birds are truly independent. They don't need money, they don't need private property. They don't employ markets. They don't need to write resumes with bullshit cover letters and bullshit references.

Birds are not employees and they don't make a profit.

They can just go, fly, hunt and eat.

This is not possible for humans and just kicking the shit out of your children, drawing the line and pushing them out is to destroy them.

You're lucky your not my dad. I would extract all the suffering that is scientifically possible to extract from you before I wipe you off the map.

Do your children a favor you worthless piece of trash, stay single with no kids, that's the best service you can render them.

You just want to dominate and show who's boss and you don't want to provide value.

You would make a horrible father.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon with Death Threats,

Apparently you are new to this site. Have you noticed the majority of my books are all about raising, instructing and making young men (and women's) lives better?

Yes, indeed, if you were my son.

Anonymous said...

What type of idiot demon possessed you to make this video???

From a historical perspective, children could expect to stay with families until marriage, and help with the business, farm, etc.

Today's concept of parents kicking their children out is relatively new in the grand scheme of things.

Second, the idiots at the bars you frequent don't seem to understand that times have changed. They likely came of age when jobs were much easier to get, inflation hadn't killed purchasing power, rent was reasonable (less than 50% of net earnings) and gas wasn't through the roof. That alone can explain why so many people are staying at home.

You seem to think that just yelling at kids is "parenting."

abprosper said...

To the Anon at 1:18 and others this is the Captain Capitalism blog you know

Smaller more fungible living units, nuclear families or sometimes if stable singles are far preferred by capitalists to larger more communal arrangements.

These smaller arrangements create larger market spaces and induce change or chaos into the system allowing for more economic activity

Capitalism doesn’t thrive in tribal or kinship societies and while it can do fine in extended family ones its suboptimal for the bottom line

That said, bigger arrangements are probably better for peoples mental health and in this decline are an excellent way to maintain some degree of create comforts.

Robert What? said...

Where were you five years ago when my son was going off to college? This is all your fault :) He definitely has a degree in worthless. Fortunately there is no debt involved, and fortunately I had the presence of mind to put the kibosh on worthless grad school. The question I have is how do I go from a life of coddling him to putting the burn under him to get on with his life. Its not his fault I was such a pussy for most of his life.