Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why the Parasite Will Never Be Bigger Than the Host

Despite the general decline of western civilization, I try to find what morsels of joy and happiness where I can.  Of course, this means giving up my dreams and replacing them with alternative and inferior sources of joy, but when your dreams were never going to happen anyway, the alternatives' feasibility actually make them superior.

For example schadenfreude.

Oh, I'm accused of being petty, but I enjoy watching the single moms of the world whine and complain about how hard life is and suffer a crippled life.  It's the least bit of joy I can extract from their situation for them voting for the government to supplant men's roles in society.

Another example, the education bubble.

All those kiddies who were "so smart," and "so independent minded," and "knew what they were doing" only to end up unemployed, financially crippled with student loans, and their egos smashed into a wall because life didn't turn out the way their ass-kissing teachers told them it would.  Again, it's the least bit of joy I can extract from their situation for them voting en masse for Barack Obama and the destruction of the United States.

There are other examples, and it does take quite a bit of pondering, thought, thinking things through, even meditation, but I believe over time people will come to learn to "enjoy the decline" like I have.  However, to help accelerate this epiphany in others, perhaps I can provide a little bit of "back of napkin economics" that with mathematically show you something about the leftist parasites of society that will provide warm "revenge fuzzies" and a morsel of schadenfreude joy.

Namely, the parasite can never get larger than the host.

I alluded to this before in my "12 Year Problem of Socialism," which in a nutshell says that even if the left got its way and decided to confiscate all the wealth of "the rich," the absolute MAXIMUM amount of time they could survive would be 12 years.  But I came up with some additional calculations that will show you the parasites of society will rarely (bar political connections) ever live lives better than the hosts.

Of the roughly $67 trillion in wealth all American's have the "rich" (top 20%) are estimated to have $50 trillion of it.  Let us magically say we confiscate this and

stock prices don't plummet
the rich don't hide assets
society doesn't collapse
people show up for work the next day
the electricity still runs

It won't, and the country would immediately go to shit, but let's just idealistically assume like only academians can.

That $50 trillion will have to be spread across the 260 million remaining Americans that aren't part of the 20% (and some of whom also happen to be children).

That is $192,000 per man, woman, and child, NOT in the upper 20%

Naturally, this does not make any of you hard-working people feel any better.  $192,000 is certainly likely more than you make.  But here's where the revenge comes in:

It's a one trick pony.

This isn't $192,000 per year, it's a ONE TIME PAYMENT that would have to last the rest of people's lives.  Once such a confiscation of wealth occurred NOBODY in their right mind would dare to work so hard even again.  Therefore, assuming the average person is going to live another 40 years or so, that is a whopping $4,800 per year.

$4,800 a year is not enough to solve the problems of the poor.  And it is likely not enough to raise the average socialist parasite's wage to match or exceed yours. But if there is a source of revenge it is not so much the fact this $4,800 is not enough to raise the parasites to a standard of living on par or in excess of yours.  It's the fact that the $4,800 is not going to be enough to solve the core problem of the parasites:


Understand that the vast majority of poor people are poor because of their own damn stupidity.  Yes there are some where medical problems befall them.  Yes there are some where something statistically bad happens.  But the vast majority of poor people are poor because they had kids they couldn't afford, majored in stupid stuff, got in trouble with the law, did drugs, or just plain chose not to work.  And no amount of money, let alone $4,800 can solve stupid.

This stupidity, and the fact it will forever cost the individual more than the $4,800 subsidy can offset condemns them to a miserable life.  Do you really think Peggy Joseph is enjoying her life right now?  How about the trailer trash methed out mothers in Wyoming?  Their male idiot counterparts crippled with a truck loan for a Dodge Hemi-Diesel and three DUI's?  Take whatever parasite you want, chances are, even with the taxpayers' money, they are still living inferior lives to yours.

Finally, if you really think about it, it isn't even the incurable stupidity of people and their consequentially condemned lives where you get your warm schadenfreude fuzzies.  It's the consequences of stupidity - namely, insanity.

Take a look at this video and ask yourself what kind of a mental hell all the people, bar the security guard, must live in.  Can you image day in day out what they must go through?  The pinnacle of their lives being "welfare check day?"  Let alone what they miss out on in life?  Do you think the parasitic classes ever get to go to a great jazz club, appreciate Victor Borge or find the entertainment in a movie like "High Society?"  Do you think these people have a good ole fashioned Norman Rockwell Christmas that is sane, quiet, enjoyable, and loving?  Do you think these people have any kind of friends and conversation that would stimulate the brain more than the drugs or booze they're doing?

There is none of that for these people.  There is the ghetto, there is the trailer park, there is the barrio, replete with perpetual poverty, day time TV shows, illegitimate pregnancy, shitty parents, a constant battle with the cops and no hope for anything greater in life.  They'll never eat sushi, never visit Glacier National Park, and they'll never have any accomplishments or feats to point to in their lives.  They won't start a business, won't start a (successful family), they'll never climb mountains, and they'll never bike across Europe.  If there is ever a crushing revenge you will have on the parasites that insist on living off of you, it's that you will have not squandered your one shot, your one fleeting opportunity to perform in and enjoy this universe, while their lives will not only be insufferable, but inconsequential, irrelevant, and completely wasted.


Anonymous said...

In other words, they are getting exactly what they deserve.

And I'm likin' it!

Especially the sluts.

The Phantom said...

Dude, parasites that big generally -kill- the host.

You can't eat schadenfreude.

Jane the Grad Student said...

...and this is why the "reasonable" ones among certain gimme-types don't want to confiscate the wealth outright. Remember that the successful parasite is the one that does NOT kill its host, but rather allows the host to continue producing that yummy nutritious lifeblood...

NorthBayTrapper said...

The biggest arrow in their socialist balloon is that true wealth is measured in output not dollars. All this fantasy would give them is $150,000 to spend on bread if they could find it. A few months of inflation and the United States would become Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

I have a Facebook account but rarely use it, largely due to vast amount of left wing stupidity I see posted, much from people I know. The insane things I see garbage drives me to despair and I never respond as I know it will do no god. However I do get some satisfaction knowing that most, if not all the people that are posting that garbage are suffering through the Obama years financially and few seem to have any prospects. My situation is relatively good, far better that the liberals posting their global warming and social justice rants. Knowing they are getting what they voted for (and it will get worse for most of them) brings some relief to my despair. Still, it would be nice to just once in a while to see somebody come to the realization that their economic problems are NOT the fault of evil conservatives preventing the Dems from creating Utopia.

Cadders said...

They will never achieve anything, go anywhere or be anyone.

This is what I always remind myself when I see a parasite getting freebees.

Theirs is a life half lived. Who wants that?

leeholsen said...

this is one of the things i have enjoyed most, now that i have accepted the usa will not turn back from where it is going(england-west imo).

i know i'll always stay ahead of gen-xers and millenials as i am willing to work, think and plan ahead and i'll enjoy life.

whenever i go from houston to dallas, i pass many prisons on the highway and i think to myself of the life they chose and the life i am living, in some ways i do think those who have chosen to fill their heads with everything on the "E" channel, social media and their phone as their whole life over smoking a cigar as the sunsets on top of mount bonnel have made the same choice.

Zachriel said...

While we agree that distributing the entire wealth of America would be disastrous, the total wealth of the U.S. is closer to $200 trillion.

Captain Capitalism: They won't start a business, won't start a (successful family), they'll never climb mountains, and they'll never bike across Europe.

Never give up on people. They will surprise you.

1735099 said...

it's that you will have not squandered your one shot, your one fleeting opportunity to perform in and enjoy this universe, while their lives will not only be insufferable, but inconsequential, irrelevant, and completely wasted.

Sounds very much like Hitler describing Jews in the late thirties......

Donttreadonmatt said...

Man, that video...

Always feel sorry for the kids. They did not choose to be born from feral animals like that. You could see the kids thinking it was fun calling the mall cop "gay" but once mommy started throwing down they started screaming and crying. Then when mommy fell over, probably will scar them for life and turn them into monsters.

Poor kids. They're doomed to become feral animals themselves.

I enjoy the decline, except for the kids caught up in it.

dannyfrom504 said...

guess who's going be as big a parasite as is possible. down in southern La, i can easily live off $30-35k a year. my house is going to be worth about $20k, and my land is undeveloped so the property tax will be minimal.

Captain Capitalism said...

Good thing I'm Jewish so your "cleverer by half" comment is now egg on your face.

Any other "crafty" little comments 1735099?

Anonymous said...

LMAO Good comeback.... Just got done reading your book "Enjoy The Decline" (purchased via kindle and read on my netbook TAX FREE LOL) and I must say it was one of the most entertaining, honest and very informative books that I have ever read. I am in my mid 30's and totally agree with the points you bring up in the book. In fact I previously have openly stated to friends things that you have brought light upon in this book. I really enjoyed the sarcasm and honesty. IMO alot of the philosophies you discuss can be related to Buddhist philosophies of letting go of our ego's and all desires for material gains and realize what life truly is about. Ive delved into eastern philosophies (not as a religion but as a hobby in connection with martial arts) in my late teens and alot of what I have learned had taught me to be a minimalist. This way of thinking and philosophy can literally help your life and help you to adapt and overcome obstacles. I want to thank you for writing a book that I feel can help many people in dealing with this decline. I am looking forward to reading all of your books.... keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

In that video, other than the security guard, I saw several potential Nasa engineers, Sloan-Kettering brain surgeons, Harvard research physicists, Apple or Google product designers, even McKinsey consultants and Goldman-Sacks traders.

Or maybe they were all aspiring rap stars; I get confused, they're so similar ones and the others...

Kristophr said...


Even if it is 200 trillion, they will never get that for it.

Once you have confiscated ALL wealth, no one will want to buy the property, factories, or tools, unless the stuff in question can be delivered outside of that country's government's jurisdiction.

Who in their right mind would buy a property from a government that routinely confiscates property?

The government of Zimbabwe discovered this once they ran off the white Rhodesians, and siezed their farms.

The farms themselves were not that valuable, unless there was a white Rhodesian available to farm it. Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa. Zimbabwe is a starving third-world socialist craphole.

Jose said...

Sayeth the Captain:
> Do you think the parasitic classes ever get to go to a great jazz club, appreciate Victor Borge or find the entertainment in a movie like "High Society?"

Many of the best things in life are quite inexpensive, like books, hiking, intelligent conversation, classic american movies, art appreciation, self-improvement (MOOCs, anyone?), but they require a specific attitude to go out and enjoy them.*

Paradoxically, it's the people whose education (not just degrees) and upbringing make them more productive (and therefore wealthier, in general) that have the attitude which allows them to enjoy these inexpensive pleasures.*

(Compare, for example, the average wealth of the people who watch Victor Borge free on PBS, with that of the people who get into fights to buy $300 "limited edition" sneakers.)

I remember a post someone sent me some years ago about who the american poor don't know how to be poor, included things like free museums, libraries, how cheap music was (ahem, via Napster or the modern equivalent). [Don't have the link anymore.]


* If you want to see how the world has changed, search YouTube for "James Burke," who used to make history videos for the BBC in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

1735099, I guess poor and deservedly so is now a race?

Your analogy would be funny if not so intellectually barren and indicative of the fact that even people with the I.Q. of dryer lint can post comments successfully, instead it is merely pathetic.

Orlin said...

Math $10,667 / unemployment = 40 years!

engarde said...

I don't know, Cap. I've accomplished most of what I was supposed to do. Good education, good job. I own 3 rental properties in SoCal. Pay my taxes. If they make a move to confiscate my property or some other punitive measure, I'll take out as many of the parasites and gov't operatives (and their families) as I can, inflict as much damage to the infrastructure as I can. Which is a lot. The future is going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am not this 1735099 fellow and my 2 questions are not even remotely crafty. I hope as an enrolled Member of the Tribe (and an Assh0le Consultant) you might entertain 2 topics:
A) the Gentile obstreperousness towards sound anti-inflationary policy of Federal Reserve board
B) about 30% of the Democratic Eretz Israel's GDP comes from aid given by Germans and Americans. I wonder if this approach does not ghettoize proud, independent, most intelligent race. Look at what effect subsidies have on American Indians.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, there really is simple solution to our parasite problem. We need to stop giving young women the incentive to continually profit off of their bad reproductive choices. The first thing to do, is to tie welfare payouts to birth control compliance. This would mean simply, that in order for you to get a check from the state, you will have to undergo a renueable birth control implant that would last for three years ( Implanon or Nexplanon). Secondly, food-stamps would have nutritionally restrictive limits. That is, no junk-food period or at least a 90/10 split. This would kill two birds with one stamp. On the one hand, kids will get a healthy meal, courtesy for the state and on the other hand the state will have drastically reduced the obesity epidemic plaguing our youths. The next faze of the plan would be to target the fathers of these abandoned children for state-work-duty or prison. No more sittin-around-the-shack smoking-dope passin the time. These men will pay their fare share of the burden of raising their abandoned children. We got bridges to mend, roads to repair, garbage to recycle and the list goes on…

BB753 said...

Hey, Cap! The problem is these people already get more than $4,800 every year out of Uncle Sugar, in the form of welfare payments, free housing, EBT cards, etc..
It does not compute. Surely the end must be nearer than even you say!

Acksiom said...

>We need to stop giving young women the incentive to continually profit off of their bad reproductive choices.

Well, that's still on schedule for commercial release in 2016; the Parsemus folks just notified the Vasalgel list today that they're heading south to start the baboon trials on Monday.

Why the androsphere isn't all over this at every opportunity still escapes me. What happens when men have their own reversible fertility veto?

Zachriel said...

Kristophr: Once you have confiscated ALL wealth, no one will want to buy the property, factories, or tools,

That's right. Nor did we say otherwise.

We made two points, that the calculation of total wealth was off by a large factor, and that you should never give up on people, as they are capable of surprising us.