Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ammo as an Investment

Like silver or gold, guns and ammo can actually be a form of non-traditional investments.  However, they are somewhat limited in their ability to serve as an investment.  For example I know one guy who owns over 600 guns.  I ask him precisely how he is ever going to use all of those guns should the SHTF.  He then gives me a redneck smirk and just says, "But I love my guns!" (yes, he is the stereo type).

However, while an arsenal of 600 guns is an impossible number of guns to even move, let alone use, having "some" guns not only serves as a safety measure, but also an investment.

I personally recommend having the following:

Pistol for personal safety.
Shotgun for hunting waterfowl and home defense.
Scoped rifle for hunting/SHTF hunting
AR-15 for protection/SHTF protection

They'll serve the purposes above adequately, but if stored properly will be a decent store of value.

However, regardless of what your end inventory looks like, you will need ammo.  So may I suggest one of Cappy Cap's sponsors AmmoforSale.com.

Ammo, is very much like coin or currency.  Holds value, has intrinsic value, will have value today and certain in a SHTF scenario.  However, just like guns, you can have too much ammo.  By the time you 2,000 rounds for each gun, I would recommend switching your non-traditional investments to silver and gold because they carry more value per ounce than guns/ammo.

This has been your "plug for a Cappy Cap sponsor camouflaged as a PSA" for the day.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to avoid odd caliber guns. Ammo may become scavenge material and you don't want to be odd man out. There are rifles that fire 9mm rounds, allowing you to double-dip. I've never fired them and can't recommend, but they are out there.

Rounds in excess when SHTF:
.223, 9, .40 (Po-Po). I searched for a 1:7 twist M4, rather than deal with concern over military grade rounds.

Mossberg 500 shotgun can also be fitted with a slug barrell for $125, good for short range hunting.

I also suggest a .22 LR. Good for training and plinking. Cheap ammo to train with.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

A better PSA, and possibly a good sponsor, would be to exhort people to learn how to reload and handload, with the sponsor being Lee Precision.

Copperhead Joe said...

Looks like he just shopped at Walmart and Cabelas and marked everything up 10% lol.

Pete Brewster said...

Captain, no offense, but as I said in another related thread, if ammo and guns look like they might be a very good investment soon, shouldn't getting a second passport and out of Dodge be an even better one? Bad guys who are serious about taking your stuff will always find a way to outgun you.

In case of no SHTF, you still get to live somewhere where your savings go further and women have better attitudes for the most part (or at least do a better job of making men think they do). In case of SHTF---not your problem!

Faithless Cynic said...

If you want a good hard times barter good, how about decent whiskey or vodka in glass bottles? Glass bottles have a breakage risk, but, booze in glass lasts forever.

Glass canning jars filled with rice, beans, lentils or split peas are instantly recognizable as food. Everyone has to eat. Add an oxygen absorber to the jar and the food will last for years.

Karl said...

Pete Brewster: Check out author Matt Bracken and try to friend him on Facebook. He's former Navy Seal and owns a boat in Florida. He often posts short stories and info-papers on how to use a boat to avoid SHTF scenarios. His books should be on your shelf next to Bachelor Pad Economics!

Captain: I'll have you know I sold 5 guns last year - all at a loss - so I could buy a LWRC AR. Like butter. We were in the mid 40's today and I took the AR to the 300yd range for it's first time today. (This is my way of enjoying the decline.)

I'll have you also know that I just cleaned it as I sat in the Commie Obama Hat factory (my basement) and as I finished a bottle of Rumple.

I have to pinch myself - cause I think I'm dreaming!

Aerodawg said...

My collection has two sections.

The "I think this is neat in a historical/mechanical/just damn cool way" section is the most numerous.

The "I'll use this for killing two legged critters if necessary" section is much smaller and more concentrated in type. All 5.56, .308, 9mm or 12 guage and just enough to arm myself, the wife and a few trusted associates.

Wraith said...

He then gives me a redneck smirk and just says, "But I love my guns!"

Doesn't that get them all sticky?

Liberista said...

i make my own ammo and have materials to produce 12,000

guns are a very good store of value. i have a few.

Unknown said...


I genuinely do not understand ue pueh to obtain silver and gold, or the assertion that it will hold value beyond its physical utility (ie as a currency). it strikes me as holding on to a relic of the dead old world - in sHTF scenario, survival becomes priority one, and i hwve to conclude that a barter economy is what willlikely naturally evolve. for certain, there will be value in the gold and it will be traded about, but i fail to see its implicit value beyond that whoch we assi it.

in contrast, ammo is easily identifiabke as valuable. with it, my firearms, and my developing gunsmithing schools, am,ocan beturned into anything else, one way or another as necessary.

Perhaps im missing the obvious. what explicitly is the vLue of gold in a post central bank world?

Anonymous said...

Definitely avoid odd calibers. Logistically, it's better to use something that you can resupply by raiding DHS depots and killing stormtroopers for.

Anonymous said...

Ok so 1:9 twist 223/556 is slightly more accurate long range i.e 500 to 700 ..yes 556 and 223 is effective at that range with the right grain and shot placement.. 12 gauge Is good for home defense but I must say be comfortable using any weapon to defend yourself i.e pistol ,shotgun ,rifle ..focus on your personal skills with the weapon a 380 can be better than a 45..with training and shot placement every caliber is effective .if you own 1 or 600 guns be profficent regardless

Unknown said...

I've been saying the same thing for years. Bottom line.. Paper money inflated the price by anyone's guess. The shit hits the fan and you'll be better with your 50k in ammo than 50k in gold. 50k at 1k price and it goes to 50...u have 2500 bucks left But what do I know.