Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Night Linkage

Liberal logic - just barf our random words and put at the end "for the children."

Fatherz in da Hood.  Aka "Fatherzhood"

DIE, MSM!!! DIE!!!!!!!! (Which means "the, MSM.  The.")

Aurini spews his normal low-IQ, non-thinking, bland thoughts. Also, Aurini's latest podcast.

From our Muslim Agent in the Field - "We can't do the maths because the evils menz are keeping us down with the social barrierz.  The maths wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for those evils menz!"

Latest episode of "Bachelor Pad Theater."

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TroperA said...

Ooh. I've got another linkie for you, if you can stomach it:

"Grr! Wimmenz who have babies aren't doing anything with their lives! They all need to go to uni and spend $60,000 on a Lesbian Inuit Poetry degree with a minor in "Looking Busy in a Corner Office While Browsing Facebook!"

I'd like to ask this woman whom she thinks is going to pay for her cushy government job pension if there are no children born to be the next generation of worker drones. I wonder if she even knows where babies come from at ALL. Are there girls out there who are really this STUPID? Or is she a Master Troll?....