Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Linkage

If liberals and lefties are so smart and so independent minded, then why do act so helpless against corporate advertising?

I never once believer Jennifer Aniston was talking directly to me whilst seeing her on TV or in a movie.  I guess I'm not a teenage girl afterall.

God, "The Economist" really has gone to shit.

Divorce Corp!  Why would you let the government into your life like that?

The father could not be reached for comment.

Make a leftist's head explode by having them watch this short video.

Step #7 is the hardest one. 

The next installment of Bachelor Pad Theater.


Differ said...

I like the new look,
that's cool
I'm transitioning
An Englishman In Dixie
existing blog will be going private, but I'll add new posts on the new site and transfer good older posts to it too.
please pass the word.

Anonymous said...

"Jewish control over governments, the media and the international financial system is a classic feature of anti-Semitism..."

Right-wing politically correct crusaderism. Do I smell hypocrisy in the air?

Anonymous said...

Two hit pieces in two days on the "Dark Enlightenment" from the Daily Telegraph:

Comments overwhelmingly on our side.

Glen Filthie said...

The divorce industry up here in Canada is on its last legs. I know tons of divorced women that threw their husbands away and intended to cash in - and instead got cashed out! Serves them right too!

Even in the workplace we are seeing and dealing with the problems gold digging women cause for their men - and for us as their employers.

Pay attention, boys - this is important! My branch manager actually TURND DOWN a raise recently - the combination of a shrew of an ex-wife, and a higher tax bracket would literally leave him with less money than he had before. He has to notify his wife of any income increases and she gets to take her 'fair share'.

No problem, bitches, Yours Truly to the rescue!

I got on the horn, talked to the senior management and got him a new company truck! He was ecstatic when the old lady flipped out because she wouldn't get one extra cent while hubby was driving around in a new fully loaded company truck. We write off the truck, he gets a new ride, and the old lady gets the finger! Everyone wins! If he's careful he can screw the tax man with that too!

Of course, even with the truck, the poor bugger couldn't afford a vacation. Yours Truly to the rescue again: there are some interesting international business opportunities in the Dominican Republic that needed to be investigated! Our boy was sent over for 2 weeks to explore them and see if there was anything in it for us...and we were able to write some of that off as well! Everyone wins: Our boy comes back refreshed and ready to work, the Dominicans get some tourism dollars, the old lady gets the finger and the tax man gets a kick in the balls!

Gawd, I love life in the shadows, making life indirectly as hellish for assholes as possible.

leeholsen said...

thanks for the rooshtv site. i have no desire to be a player, if i get laid once a year by a hot girl; thats good enough for me; sex+hot women just isnt in my top 5 priorities; but i like sites that are for real men.

fyi, i think you need to put something up on wendy davis; i'd be curious of your thoughts on a woman like that. for me, "how do i know you wont turn into wendy davis" is going to be my response the next time a woman wont sign a prenup.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I no longer read The Economist, but that cartoon is entirely accurate. At least someone there has his head screwed on straight.

Anonymous said...

Glen that is absolutely awesome to hear. You're fighting a good fight.

I agree with Laguna Beach Fogey.
We have the same problem in Canada it seems. Stephen Harper just had a little vacation to Israel at the taxpayers' expense.. vowing loyalty on our behalf.

Although he also promised Syria $150 million at our expense as well. It's all a fucking racket.