Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

I like this post because there are some elements I agree with.  Like celebrating "accomplishments" that billions of people have achieved for thousands of years in the past.  But then there is the anger of "how dare women stay at home and raise their chlidren!!! BECOME A LAWYER DAMNIT!"

Again, the traditional "Aunt Bea" type grandmother will become extinct.  Sigh....I miss real grandmothers.

Lie on your resume. Lie lie lie.

No, Bonnie Morris, you don't produce anything of value for society.

I'd care about the younger generations, if they didn't purposely vote to screw themselves over.

Remember what I said about worthless, leftists using their lack of talent to steal taxpayer monies so they can play "fake artist?"  Well, here's the quality of art today kids.

Don't worry.  With your help or without it, it will burn to the ground.  Every empire does.


Deb said...

Hey, Captain! I plugged your book "Worthless" in a post at Return of Queens. Feel free to send a small percentage of the profits my way . . .

TroperA said...

Dear God, that "art" is hideous! This is proof that it isn't enough for leftists to create art that's bland or incomprehensible. They must annihilate beauty in all of its forms and elevate repulsiveness. They are anti-life and anti-human.

I would very much like to set that "art" on fire, and when they come to arrest me, just tell the cops that I'm an avant-garde artist and fire is my medium. By burning the art, I was making a statement against the cold utilitarianism of natural evolution and its aesthetic effects on the human body, or some crap like that. I would also gather all of the burnt picture ash into a pile, stick a price tag of 1 million dollars on it and try to sell it as "my masterpiece of post-modern expressionism". I lay 50-50 odds that it actually works.