Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Night Linkage...Um...Again

Monday's night linkage was called "Tuesday Night's Linkage," as I am really having a problem telling what day it is.  The lack of a 9-5 job these past 18 months has REALLY thrown me off, and I'm not joking.  I didn't ajust my watch after the battery went dead, and I'm too lazy to look at my cell phone, so 6 our of 7 days I'm clueless.  If the girlfriend didn't go to work, I would have no idea what day it is.  Anyway, Tuesday Night's Linkage...again:

Yeah, have fun marrying those "good, obedient" Christian girls.

Hawaiian Libertarian learns the economics really is a faux science.

Danny explains how government works for those never in public office.

The gayest video ever and proof liberal arts majors are ugly.  Rip the comment section apart.

And hey, don't forget the aggregators:

Delusion Damage
Articles for Men


Unknown said...

The Liberal Arts Major video had that infantile pajama boy music in the background.

Glen Filthie said...

Question for ya Cap - you were grumbling about the upcoming season of Archer. Have you seen the opening episode yet?

Looks to me like the next season might be a winner, actually...

Danny de Gracia, II said...

Thanks for the shoutout captain!

sunshinemary said...

Thanks for the linkback, Cappy! BTW, I'm browsing through your book and will be posting a review next week.

Captain Capitalism said...

No problem Sunshine Baby,

Just post some pictures of yourself too while you're at it! Give us boys something to live for! ;)

Captain Capitalism said...

And Danny,

I don't want you posting pictures of yourself!