Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Night Linkage

Irony...the women who would make the best leaders sit down, think things through, and realize that becoming a "high powered lawyer" may not make them happy.

Bitcoin is for betas. (though I am still generally Pro-Bitcoin)

What housing bubble?

Wow, imagine if you let kids be kids. 

From our Military Agent in the Field about whether you should join the military. 



Anonymous said...

I was a Sergeant of Marines and I can tell you from experience Field Agent Ushanka is exactly right in the supplement about the military.


Kristophr said...

Concerning joining the military:

A customer at my place of work ( a gunstore in Wyoming ) mentioned that he had a 14 year old son who was taking some very silly "career education" courses at school, and an 18 yo daughter who was apply for scholarships.

I asked him if he had a kindle. I then bought him a copy of Worthless.

His son read the book, and passed it to his sister afterwards. He has decided to start grinding in HS, and later in college, for a Chemical Engineering BS ... and his sister went straight into the Air Force.