Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keeping the Lights On

Want to help out the Captain?  Consider visiting one of my sponsors Talon Knife.

Does everybody need it?


But it is a nice little SUBTLE and CLANDESTINE knife you can carry on your person which may prove helpful in a close quarters combat situation.

Visit Talon Knife and see if it isn't something for you.


aa said...

I bought two of these as gifts for Christmas but ended up giving only one of them to my brother who's an LEO and kept the other for myself. (I'm a grinch I know but hey, at least I got a Talon!) It's great! My brother loves his and is planning on getting another to have on him when he is wearing duty gloves.

Faithless Cynic said...

Nag Mode On!

Check local laws before carrying. In some states like Delaware, this would be highly illegal. When I lived in Delaware,II carried a scalpel sharp pocketknife and practiced drawing and opening it quickly. A standard lockblade with a blade under 3 inches was legal then.

Nag Mode Off!