Saturday, January 04, 2014

Glorious Karl's Bachelor Pad

Glorious Karl of Glorious hat fame has put up a review of Bachelor Pad Economics.  It is actually a very thorough review with quotes and quips from the book that I believe conveys an accurately portrayal of what you can expect in the book.

Karl was able to write a review very quickly because he was kind enough to volunteer to be one of my editors.  He did this for free.  So it would be a kind gesture to purchase your very own GLORIOUS HAT!

Besides, it's going to be -28 in Minnesota.  YOu'll want one of those hats to keep you warm!


1984 said...

why you can't trust women: You tell them a secret and the next day it leaks into all mass media. Plus that you get a big fine:

Anonymous said...

Well from Rowling's perspective, you can't trust men either.