Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Day Linkage

When you outsource child-rearing to the state because you love your career more than your children, this is what happens.

Obama speaks the truth for once, and the left pummels him.

HGH, how to get it, and what it does.

Remember boys, some girls would rather date a terrorist than you.

Crabs in a bucket.

I'm honored to be on the list.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you've seen this Cappy... you just can't make this stuff up...

"Women's Resource Center closes in Fort Collins, citing Obamacare"

"Center organizers say donations have dropped due to perceptions that federal reforms will cover women's health care needs."


mts1 said...

Somewhere rattling in the back of my mind I remember reading that taking HGH after the body naturally begins to decrease its production invites nasty side effects such as cancer. The question is if there's a safe dose vs. the knee of the curve when X cc's of HGH are too many, triggering this.

Same as when a dozen or so years ago estrogen replacement therapy, for which Lauren Hutton was the spokeswoman, was seen first as the cure to osteoperosis and menopause issues, the panacea for older women, but then the plug was soundly pulled when so many women who opted for that were up and dying of cancer.

I'd look into this before ordering an HGH pack...