Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Girls Like Vladimir Putin

Is he for individual rights, uncorrupted democracy, clean government, and against crony capitalism?

Probably not.

But that has nothing to do with him being the ultimate bad boy.


Glen Filthie said...

Bad boy? I don't think so.

He is no 'boy'. He is a strong man and he knows fools when he sees them. Thus the contempt for Obama, the gay lobby, the envirotards and other leftist PITA's that have tried him.

I am most interested at how he will react to the moslem terrorists that are testing him now. He is actually one of the few leaders in the world today, and most men - the real ones, anyway - admire him as well. His wife is no 'girl' either - she is a radiant woman.

leeholsen said...

i like him too. he may be nothing more than a kgb thug, but he's a man's man; unlike our president, my church pastor, many of my male friends and relatives and most guys you see on tv and movies today.

but it maybe just because i love russia's people and culture. sure, its basically a communist blackhole but most men are real men and most women are real women that want a stong man and its got 1,000 years of real definite russian culture full of strong men and women.

Anonymous said...

You know, on all the listed issues he is MUCH better than Obama.

Pete Brewster said...

Ariel Sharon was also wildly popular among Israeli women, for similar reasons. In dangerous societies, women want men, not eunuchs.

I have had women I'd written off as feminists---and weren't Zionists or even Jewish---admit how wet they got when they looked at pictures of Arik Sharon as a young man.

Anonymous said...

This is why we fought the Crimean War against Photius Heresy
so they could never Bystra Paris again! That is why Cuomo
Environmentles are exterminating Tchaikovsky swans for being
too agressive. Putin’s tax, gay and oil policies are almost
as bad as Sarah Palin’s. Putin should have violated constituional
term limits just like Bloomberg. Does Yanukovich think he is Morsi?
CNOOC should have been allowed to buy Unocal just like Exxon and
Chevron tried to buy Yukos. We have no problems with pussy riots
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