Friday, January 17, 2014

The African American Studies Program that Wasn't

Just can't make it up people.  Just can't make it up.

Again, these academians, especially in the liberal arts, are nothing more than the modern day banksters screwing the youth and society at large over.


Anonymous said...

So what I take from this is that negroes are not smart enough to play sports and do their academics as well. So ... I will never believe a negroes credentials. It is clear they are not to be trusted. Good work there higher education. You just helped more white people get jobs that black pretenders may have gotten.

Do I have that right?

Just some guy said...

I'd say you didn't get it right. The real problems is blacks who worked hard and earned a real degree, they are unfairly viewed as pretenders when they are achievers. The same thing applies to women.