Friday, January 03, 2014

Cappy Cap is Comin' to Town

Good (early) morning Lieutenants.

The ole Captain has to deadhead a car down south to Florida.  This means transversing several states.  And since one of the greatest joys I have in my life is meeting all you schmoes, wondering if any of you are going to be around.

My path is taking me through St. Louis, Nashville, and Atlanta.  I may stay in Nashville, because,well, I don't know, they say there's culture there.  But if you do a google map for directions of "Minneapolis to Tampa" if you're on the route, would love to hang out for a beer or a cigar or something. 

Shoot me an e-mail.  No guarantees, but one of the best benefits of this *job* is meeting all you schmoes.



Anonymous said...

schmo (ʃməʊ) or shmo
n, pl schmoes or shmoes
1. US a dull, stupid, or boring person.

David McPh said...

As a Floridian, I'd love to share a beer or scotch or something with ya. However I'm in upstate New York at the momment and can't just waltz on down to Florida to meet up. If you'll be down there a while, I might be able to hang out with you on your back up.

leeholsen said...

jealous, you're never in my neighborhood. a suggestion for making down to texas. austin has something called sxsw in march with a lot of bands and other artsy stuff like indy motion pictures. if you go to that, let the blog know. love to Q+A the captain.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. Wish I could meet up but I'm battling snow.

BTW, I think you should be using the verb 'traverse', rather than the adjective 'transverse'.

Stay safe.

Differ said...

Differ is up for meeting in Atlanta...Borepatch recommends a pub in Roswell (north side).