Wednesday, January 08, 2014

This Isn't a Problem

Sweden is for socialism, diversity, egalitarianism, equalism.  Therefore they should be happy to take those poor refugees that have been so obviously discriminated against in that racist Israel.


Anonymous said...

Captain, excuse my cynicism, but if I wrote a book, I would title it: PEOPLE FORGOT TO DIE.
After I watched this well done 40 minutes video
I conclude that the final solution proposed would be to appeal to human mercy: educate the poor, feed the unwanted children and all will be fine. But read the comments. Fuck!: old people forgot to be responsible for how many children they have and to educate their children, poor people forgot about how selfish they are to have sex and children first before educating their own brain, its still them who are a threat to us because of the infections they might carry with them to the civilised world ?

Middle class people, we are screwed if we obey these scums!

JoeAmerica said...

The Swedish Democrats have begun to win real political power, but its not enough yet.
If Sweden continues on its coarse it will become the Bosnia of the north.