Friday, January 03, 2014

Why The Manosphere is Truly "Racistless"

You want to know what I love about the Manosphere?

A ton of things.

But one of the more intellectually interesting things is you never see the person, and therefore never know what race they are, until you meet them in person.

This means that the Manosphere (or any anonymous internet community) strips away:


from its participants and allows them to form bonds on the only thing that matters - intelligence and the person.

For example, talking to Danny from 504, I could have sworn I was going to hang out with a lanky, tall black guy for the evening.  Instead when I showed up he was the complete opposite - a short white dude with bad vision.  Wintery Knight.  Thought he was a typical Lutheran type white guy.  You know, pastey, short, balding etc..  Nope, black dude.

But here's the point.  What I love about my completely horrible batting average about guessing the race, ethnicity, etc., of various participants, readers, and writers in the Manosphere is that it shows you that men will form bonds, appreciation, and respect for fellow men based on their intellect, character, and caliber and NOT their race, because ultimately the race doesn't matter.  The Manosphere, and to larger extent, internet, strips away all the unnecessary and irrelevant traits and leaves you with THE MAN.  The CORE.  The INDIVIDUAL.

Ergo, why I don't give a flying fuck when I'm accused of racism, sexism, bigotry, or what have you, because if you want a testatment to your character as to whether or not you become friends with somebody for themselves and not what they look like, then the Manosphere, its anonymity, and the friends you make here is the raceless ideal that leftists and liberals can only envy.


Just some guy said...

The right wing or if you prefer Libertarian idea that everyone should look after themselves and government should be limited is in itself based on the idea that all people are equally capable of conducting their lives on their own. The statist idea that 'lesser' people need their betters to take care of them really becomes clear when you see which groups are perpetually in need of this care.

j said...

The point about race is that people tend to judge a book by its cover. So the real question is how much interaction would you have had with Wintery Knight if you simply saw him before you had a chance to speak to him. Also saying the Manosphere is raceless is a little naive when some many traditionalist manosphere blogs speak so negatively about minorities.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you've heard the oft-repeated platitude outright denying the very existence of race (RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT), a platitude which was invented and is perpetuated by the worthless humanities professors you and I so very much despise. These people cream themselves over having an outlier black co-worker friend who also teaches in their department, falsely holding him up as an example of the norm, rather than the exception. They conveniently choose to go about ignoring the legions of crack dealing, knockout game playing thugs who create swaths of single mothers that easily outnumber such a friend and wonder why those on the right treat multiculturalism with such skepticism.

I don't think you should be measuring yourself by the same metric that idiot Marxist/liberals/shitlibs/progressives do.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Race DOES matter. A lot. Just because you pat yourself on the back for choosing to ignore it, doesn't mean it's not significant.

Pax Empyrean said...

I don't think the Left wants people to move past race. They are far too invested in identity politics; losing one of the primary ways in which they categorize people would be a huge blow to them.

Can you imagine what their attack ads would look like if they didn't know what race their opponent was or how much money they made? They wouldn't know what to talk about.

Professor Highbrow said...

Cappy, I agree with your view of the Sphere. I love the diversity, the free flow of opinions, the back and forth.

I enjoy reading the diverse views from all walks of life. It's a great place to hang out.

As a far Lefty, I also enjoy reading your blog. I don't agree with everything you say but I do enjoy most of it.

But let's be honest, if we all agreed on everything, nothing would get accomplished.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

Anonymous said...

Race doesn't matter in the manosphere. Understanding genetic racial differences is important for people like doctors...if doctors denied genetic racial differences exist then a bunch of people would be dying from failed bone marrow transplants. When it comes to bone marrow transplants so much genetic similarity is needed that race becomes an issue. And some organ transplant success rates are influenced by race too. However, racial similarity is not intrinsic to brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

What about Roissy/Heartiste and InMalaFide (RIP)? Racist as fuck.

Anonymous said...

It is very often women who stir men up to fight with each other. Women are in no way innocuous or innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

Race, race, race - there are other important matters. Accent, for one thing - up here in Newfoundland an East Indian speaking with a cultivated accent will be better treated than a bayman speaking - bay. The discrimination is strong - it is difficult for a bayman to get a good education, difficult for a bayman to get a good job.

And in many parts of the world, religion is important. The old protestant/Catholic prejudices are anything but dead.

JoeAmerica said...

I think there is a actual slight bias, but not for "racist" reasons. There is a slight over-representation of black guys, the reason is they are most adversely affected.