Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The MGTOW Forum Joins the Bachelor Pad

And they brought beer!  Alright!


Jones said...

The review mentions annuities -- allow me to give you an example that can work for you in multiple ways ...

Let's say your plan is to move to a country with favourable exchange rates, nice weather, and so forth, but they have a minimum income that has to be paid into a local account in order for you to keep your visa status since you don't have "indefinite leave to remain".

Since you've planned wisely, you haven't been working a "day job", but you also don't have a traditional pension that pays monthly. What you have is a really big wodge of cashish, which of course you'd like not to have to move to this country, presumably on the basis of control as well as future forex risk.

The solution is an annuity, but with a twist: set up an annuity in a third country. Mark Nestmann mentioned Austrian annuities as a way to provide this kind of benefit -- you could use one to pay out an amount that's in excess of the minimum income requirements for Mexican FM2 and FM3 visas, allowing you to stay in the country as long as the cash keeps flowing.

So an annuity isn't just for retirement, it's also for protecting assets when you've made most of your retirement bundle in a short burst of time. The annuity provides an isolation layer from that country's (presumably greedy) tax and banking authorities -- if you're shifting countries, you simply change where you're having your deposits made.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

mgtowforum banned me because my preferred avatar has a 1911 pistol.

Fuck mgtowforum.

Anonymous said...

I live in Mexico and am working on new residency papers right now. I had an FM-3 rentista for 4 years. Rentista meant I had to prove a minimum annual income to guarantee I would not try to work in Mexico.

Mexican immigration laws were turned totally upside down a year or two ago. So much so that even government officials can't always seem to give reliable information any more.

The new laws were in response to extreme backlash from the US over criticism of US policies. Heck, at one time illegals in Mexico could be raped and killed and the Constitution specifically prohibited punishment for those who did it. Yet, they criticized the US for deporting illegals.

Now, the new Mexican laws approximate what Mexico wishes the US had.

In your case, readers need to know FM-3 and FM-2 simply do not exist any more. There may be another similar status which also requires certain income levels, and those levels are substantially higher than in the past. Some long term residents will be forced back to border runs every 180 days, because they won't meet new requirements.

And, in some cases annuities may be the answer to the monthly receipts. Put savings into a short-term annuity with large pay-out, live frugally and save as much as possible for the next annuity a few years down the road.

In the past, we didn't have to have the minimum income paid into a Mexican account. Just prove we received it. Nor do you have to spend it, just prove you get it.

Oh, there is a provision in the new Mexican law for a lump sum account holding above a level, by memory around $130,000 USD, instead of the old monthly pay-out.

Only those holding temporary residence can keep their imported cars. The only temporary residence I qualify for is as spouse of a Mexican citizen. I don't even yet know if I have to show an annual income, or not.

I do qualify for permanent residence, but do not want to buy a Mexican car at this time. My 2002 Sienna with 205,000 miles on it is in too good a condition.

Other countries will have their own rules, of course.

Anonymous age 71

TheWM said...

Oh hey, thanks Cap! I wrote the review on the MGTOW Forum. Helping out the brothers. Glad it meets with your approval.

Jones, thanks for the info. That's really handy, actually. I'm thinking I might set up an annuity and put as much as I can into it over the next 30-40 years (I'm in my early 30s). Austrian annuities, huh...definitely something I'll keep in mind.

ChinaSchoolTeacher said...

Reading the mgtow forums is nice, and the review was also ok, but anyone here knows how to REGISTER there so we can post? Their registrations are indefinitely closed and there is no way to contact the admins. Anyone got a link to them?

randall g said...

I'm with Kenneth above, mgtow forums banned me for no reason as well, as they have done to countless others. Their admins are a bunch of little girls, deathly afraid that a complaint from some feminist will get them shut down.

TheWM said...

Randall, ChinaSchoolTeacher - We keep the forums locked down because a lot of white knights and feminists hammer registrations every time they're opened up. I'm not an admin, but I'm happy to submit a request on behalf of you guys to them.
Cappy, can I post an email address here for them to contact me?

TheWM said...

Since Cappy posted my last comment, I'll presume it's OK to post an email.
Here's a forwarding email I'll receive. Randall, ChinaSchoolTeacher, feel free to email me there if you'd like to join the MGTOW Forum. I'll notify the admins.

Anonymous said...

Pfft, The WM. What a clownish comment.

The MGTOW forums was banning even well known MGTOW figures for the silliest of things - Nacho even ran around smacking Zed's pee pee to keep him "in line."

I've seen KNOWN MGTOW advocates banned for calling England "the UK."

On his front page, that bisexual cunt Nacho BRAGS that "one wrong word and you'll be banned."

If you knew ANYTHING about MGTOW, you'd know that when they formed themselves, banning people like that was one of their pet peeves - in fact, it was a deciding factor in them deciding to "go their own way" - from the mainstream MRM that banned anyone from speaking outside of the box.

In the beginning, MGTOW would have shunned Nacho and his forum into oblivion.

The fact that this is considered the lighthouse for MGTOW ideology today, only shows how badly MGTOW has fallen.

Long live the manosphere - it is what truly represents the MGTOW of the past.

These fucktards at MGTOW forums are a disgrace to those who put in the grunt work to actually form MGTOW.

May they suffer a thousand boils on their testicles.