Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Captain Has Been Nominated

Good morning Lieutenants, Agents in the Field, Economists and Children,

Good news!

My book "Bachelor Pad Economics" has been nominated for "Best Finance Book" by a rating agency in Canada (I'll take what I can get).  Whether it wins "1st place" basically boils down to how many people vote for it.

Ergo, if you would be so kind, I would very much appreciate beating out Jim Cramer you going to the website and voting for me.

Basically, click here to go to the survey.

There are many categories, "Bachelor Pad Economics" is located on the second page under "Best Money Management."  You don't have to vote for any of them, just make sure to vote for mine.

Click "next" to the end.

Then to "submit" they ask you for a bunch of information.  Name, e-mail address, and "province."  I suggest lying on all of them because this does have that feel of "fake award to get more marketing data."

Many thanks!



Sam said...


Noticed our friend's site/app (he sold it) Mint was in the survey. Aaron Clarey and Noah Kagan Rock

You deserve these honors.

Anonymous said...

Just voted for you, Captain. Keep up the good work!