Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Two Mandatory Part Time Jobs All Men Must Have

Lifting weight



Neither are optional.



dance...dancetotheradio said...

I don't need to lift weights.
I live in Winnipeg and get enough exercise shovelling driveways.

leeholsen said...

i higly 2nd both of these. in todays world where the heaviest thing most men lift is an iphone, unless you work construction; all men should do something so they look like men and not homer simpson and men are not required to have wives and children but you still need to take ownership to be able to make it so youre not a sponge feeding off the country like a baby boy just out of the womb.

sth_txs said...

The modern phenomenon of nonsense jobs

September 3, 2013

Comments 98

Why, despite our technological capacities, are we not all working three- to four-hour days? asks David Graeber.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/public-service/the-modern-phenomenon-of-nonsense-jobs-20130831-2sy3j.html#ixzz2rnSzysvx

Southern Man said...

When I saw the post title I thought "Bartending and what else?"

lozozlo said...


Great article! Dovetails quite nicely with this one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the weight lifting. Not that I do it myself, but AM can be very weak and having no comparison assume they are strong enough.

I live in Mexico and I am 71 years old. A year or two ago, we got a load of 110 pound bags (50 kg) of cement for construction we were doing. I walked up and grabbed one off the truck and put it on the storage pile, then did it again until we were done. (Not a big load that time, because I can only do so many without my heart rate getting high.)

The next day one of the men said, "You are the strongest North American I ever met." I laughed, assuming it was some sort of joke.

He said, "I am serious. I worked for many years in the US, and never saw any American man even attempt to move over 50 pounds. They start whining, 'Where is a machine?' "

A month later, I was back in Texas, and went to Wal-mart for a 5 gallon bucket of house paint. I took it from my cart and put it up on the shake counter.

When it was done, the young man offered to come around and put it in the cart. I laughed and said, "I am old, but I am not dead. In Mexico, I help unload the cement bags from the truck."

He said, "Oh, man, those things are heavy. I tried it once and couldn't do it. I hurt my back."

It is mostly attitude. Don't let yourself be so weak you are an international disgrace. And, when a 71 year old man can out-do you it is an international disgrace!

I realize many of you probably can move 110 pound bags of cement, but that worker never encountered one, and he worked construction for years.

There is a neighbor girl whom I call The Lovely Gabriela for very technical reasons... Thin, somewhat tall, and beautiful. She has gained weight and now weighs 130 pounds. She can pick up and carry 110 pound bags of cement.

Amen to Cap'n for telling you to do weight lifting!

Anonymous age 71

BlogDog said...

Neither *is* optional.