Thursday, January 09, 2014

Our Van Dwelling Agent in the Field

When I was 22 I was trying to bust my ass off to get into banking, work hard, and prove my mettle.

I wish I did what our Van Dwelling Agent in the Field is doing, and I sincerely mean that:

I'm 22, travelling around the US in an outfitted van on money that I saved working at a hotel for a year and am definitely enjoying the decline. Note: I'm from a cold as hell Midwestern state that would not be as fun of a spot to read your new book in during the middle of January.

This kid is smarter than all of us.  Enjoying the decline 15 years my junior.


Brett said...

This guy has the right idea. I'm 24 about to be leaving Canada to escape this brutal cold. Unfortunately I have to come back here within 6 months so I don't over-stay my welcome.

Still waiting for your book.. can't wait.

Peregrine John said...

Our van-dwelling prodigy appears to have his van parked in Southern California right now. I am close to the beach but in an ugly, tall, air-conditioned cave and unable to get to it. This is because I was not nearly as wise as the Agent. But working on fixing the problem.