Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Has the Life Expectancy to Read Ayn Rand?

From a commenter in response to this very brief and very short video.


Unknown said...

I always thought the woman was nuts and appealed to naive 16-year-olds.

Anonymous said...

Eat less and workout more.
Spend less than you make.

The reality is that the system would completely crash if everybody spent less than they make.

However, the reality is also that most people will continue to spend more than they make.

So for those who heed this simple, clear and concise advice, everything will be all for the better.

Anonymous said...

Just to prove a point, I read the unabridged Atlas Shrugged on my IPhone - pulling up my Kindle App whenever I had a few minutes of idle time. You would be surprised at how much time people waste. Took me about three months to complete the book.

Anonymous said...

Could it therefore be said that in order to loose weight, you should "Eat Less Than You're Hungry"
"Workout More Than You Want"

I love those 5 words of wizdom.

Just some guy said...

The world wouldn't collapse if people spent less than they made, this is a Keynesian myth. The foundation of all economic advancement is savings. I suggest you read some real economics books like Human Action by VonMises or Economics in One Lesson Hazlitt.

Anonymous said...

Busted up laughing... what a hoot!.

Green Steelhead said...

Wonderfully done, Captain. I love these latest videos. Just perfect.....

You know, Dave Ramsey has an empire based on this very simple principle. Wonderfully simple, yet so difficult for so many.

Anonymous said...

People bragging they're too dumb to read long texts? Someone lied to them, that's not how bragging works.

About Atlas Shrugged - there are like two passages that are intellectually worth-while, it was possible to publish just them alone, without all the fictional wrapper ...and only handful of hardcore libertarians would ever read those, as opposed to millions of people who read fiction. If anything, Ayn Rand understood marketing - that's why everyone and their grandma know who she is.

Unknown said...

I read Atlas Shrugged in a couple of weeks last summer. I enjoyed it. The characters were a little two dimensional and every speech or rant was written in the same voice, but for the most part I liked it.

Except for 10 cent cups of coffee and pay phones, it's almost like she wrote the book tomorrow. It's almost prophetic.

Robert said...

Read it every ten years or so, read Fountainhead twice, though I gave up on We The Living in favour of Solyzhenitsin. Did you catch Hugh Hendry of Eclectica on a ZH video clip about a year ago explaining that the _main_ reason why he was having difficulty reading it was that it kept coming true ...

You could probably get it down to two words.
Molon Labe.

Faithless Cynic said...

Here is my version " When you punish people they get pissed off and retaliate."

Bottom line, the looters drove the productive to stop working. I have seen this in every job I ever worked. Screw the good workers and they slack off.

Anonymous said...

good video! that's the minimum of economic theory that anyone needs to know.
And while most people wouldn't disagree with her ideas if expressed in conversation, Atlas Shrugged was a poor vessel for good ideas-one of the worst philosophical novels written:
Strawmanship of both her ideals and those of her detractors? Yep.
Overlong and overblown? Yep.
No progress of characters? Yep.
As dimensional as a pure point?
I would send every character in the book to Rapture and then sink it.
The movie of "The Fountainhead" was decent, and she came across as bright and articulate in interviews-maybe just a case of a badly chosen medium?
Her ideas are better presented in the first two Bioshock games, however.