Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

This is why I always wait for books to come out in the movies.  No point in reading.

Go ahead girls.  Cut your hair short.  See what happens.

Hate is good.  And it will never go away.

Some house cleaning and intellectual honesty about how much men suck is always called for.  Keeps us honest and makes us better than feminists who believe "they can do no wrong."

Feminism is evil.  No, really, it is evil.


Apollo said...

Have you read any of the books by the author of the blog from the first link Captain? They are friggin awesome, especially the Monster Hunter and Grimnoir series. If you're not a reader, these may turn you into one. I read a lot, and this author is probably my favorite new find of last year.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Men having any forms of sex with fatties is an item men should be shamed for. Keep standards high!

Anonymous said...

Some of the men who comment here, but especially on some of the links, are every bit as catty and hateful and shallow and mindless as the women they claim to despise. They harp so much on what men need to turn them on, erectile dysfunction may actually be the problem.

heresolong said...

+1 on Monster Hunter series.

I hope you are being facetious when you say "No reason to read". I have yet to see a movie that was better than the book (books written from the script of a movie generally excluded from this claim).