Friday, January 10, 2014

Using Sex to Spur Economic Growth

I say this as the honest truth and my honest opinion of which I agree with 100%.

If you want the economy to boom

without Keynesian economic voodoo expansionary policy
without Austrian deregulation and cutting of taxes
without requiring a single concession from either the right or the left
AND to have it completely within the power of women who can then go on to claim to be the SOLE reason for the end of The Great Recession for the rest of history

all that needs to be done is this.

It would work.  I guarantee it.  More than anything that Paul Krugman idiot is recommending.


Anonymous said...

So in other words, for the economy to grow it needs to find a way to turn men into suckers.

Face it, capitalism requires loosers.

I would not waste a penny on women no matter how pretty.

Jane the Grad Student said...

Hey Cap,

I'm all for the plan, I just don't understand how it would truly help the economy. Men would be unlikely to spend more money on them or wife them up/ allow them to exit the work force unless a change in attitude came with the change in physique. Maybe their overall health would translate to fewer medical bills paid by the gov't, and maybe a switch from junk foods to real foods would allow a reduction in the farm subsidies (which would solve a LOT of problems)-- but the mass layoffs at Nabisco, etc. might cancel that out. A little clarification for the stupids in the cheap seats? Thanks much.

Jehu said...

Guys will put up with more from a hotter woman. The better you look, the more slack you get, no matter whether you're talking about the SMP or the MMP. If the average woman got hotter in the US, guys would work harder to get one wifed up. A lot of guys down in the 25th-50th percentile of attractiveness to women just don't see much of an ROI on making major self-improvement efforts. Hell, to get an otherwise average non-overweight woman you pretty much need 70th percentile or so.

Sam said...


The Cap' has Genius!

It's not cruel, either. Her abs looked much better when my flab turned to chiseled abs.

Problem: I had to lose 86 lbs for the show.

Solution: There she was, in my life, a super feminine, kind, lovely, toned woman with beautiful abs that liked to have quality time alone, close together. Not just a girlfriend, a person that had lost fat & transformed before we met.

This can exponentially enhance a man's drive to replace flab with abs rapidly. I did it in four months.

There's something about the experience when both of you have those abs. A fit lady is a feminine lady with abs. Putting those abs together will drive a man to influence the whole world. Increased productivity, causing me to hire thousands of freelancer talents each year (which pays for itself when you're driven to do the bold, creating goodness in the world).

Waterproof headphones have helped me keep me keep the fat from returning.

Acksiom said...

And include the massive Black Swan impact of Vasalgel from 2016 forward, please.

Because I can easily see that tail wagging the dog you're trying to hunt -- i.e., I'm pretty sure the spread of Vasalgel, giving men the impregnation veto liberty, will cause women to start girling up more in response.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I read somewhere that viagra could also be stimulating the economy (pun intended) because male sexual interest wanes after 40, yet by convincing men that they should be fully active into retirement and here's a pill to help gives men an economic incentive for men to keep themselves up.

Dan said...

Once a female becomes a fatty the odds of her returning to that state increase significantly over time. Even if she made herculean efforts to lose the weight and maintain a slim figure her body has a "memory" and can get fatter quicker than if she had never been fat. Just a thought to bear in mind. Fat at 18, skinny at 22, married at 24 then fat again by 30, with no incentive anymore to stay thin and all the incentive in the world via the divorce rape system to eat bon bons and threaten divorce whenever her obesity is mentioned.

Pete Brewster said...

Captain, first they have to want to get thin. That's not going to happen until the sisterhood can no longer steal from men instead of doing what it takes to attract a man with a disposable income---hit the gym, put out for him and only him, know how to cook and clean, demonstrate that she can be trusted to leave him in peace with his cigar and Rumpie after a hard day's work unless the house is on fire, the police are at the door with a warrant or she's in labor, and save a blow by blow retelling of the petty frustrations of her day for someone who gives a damn.

It shouldn't be long. The sisterhood now have the Fed's printing press. Pretty soon men will no longer accept Fed-confetti from women unless they need to relight their Cuban.