Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

How sad is it we're happy with a 3% dividend yield?  Nope, no bubble here!

My hatred of teachers is justified.

Your career, your education, and you are more important than your child.  Your child is there to serve you and satiate your biological clock.  It is to be spat out and then jettisoned to the local state financed child care facilities immediately where it will be programmed to vote for glorious socialism and the destruction of the family.  You will obey.  You will conform.  You will "go girl."

It's not easy being a manly Christian.

A legitimate criticism against keyboard-jockeying.  Again, The Manosphere is not an academic department at a university where you theorize.  It is meant to be a tradeschool where you get in, get your education, and get out and apply it to the real world.  Pontificating and theorizing 100% of the time behind a computer screen is not helpful.

Good thing you weren't college material!

And the "Bad Dad Award" goes to Joe Wethington for blaming his mistakes on companies!

You bleeping idiots can't even predict weather 3 months into the future.  The only people dumber than you are the fucking idiots who actually believe you know what you're talking about with this global warming scam.

The importance of "unlearning."


Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the linkage,Cappy Cap!

DrTorch said...

3rd grade coursework in Ohio. Wow, they really don't like the metric system there.

LongLostFriend said...

You must not realize that there are teachers among your readers.

There are more than a few of us working from the inside to dismantle the system and to actually prepare kids for the realities you blog about.