Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Putting the Podcast on Youtube

Help the Captain out Lieutenants,

I've received requests to put the podcast on Youtube, which I don't quite understand.  Figured podcasting is audio which means you can take it anywhere and do anything while listening to it.  But if you put it in video format, what's the advantage?

Anyway, here's the latest podcast on youtube.  If somebody could explain the advantage I'll upload the podcasts to youtube regularly.




Unknown said...

I guess it would allow people to put it in their cappy playlist? I would like a podcast RSS button though so I can add it into podcast addict.

Grit said...

You might consider recording video of the podcast. I would let the video play in the background while I work.

Mark said...

+1 for having an RSS feed.

The only advantage I can think of for youtube is that you could set up playlists for the podcast, allowing people to put them on and run in the background. It essentially eliminates / automates the download process.

monster221 said...

it allows people to stream it to their phones straight through their browser. nowadays peoples phones are their mp3 players and its easier than downloading it and listening to it later. it seems counter intuitive i know, but people like the convenience of using one medium for everything.

plus you can put pictures of your books back to back in the video portion on top of the audio.

Kristophr said...

Yup. it's for devices, like smartphone.

You could also put up your advertisers products as pictures, with accompanying commission links.

Unknown said...

Probably just a format preference. Maybe they like to look at you while you're talking?

+1 to the RSS feed. I know it's not easy to do, but would make things much easier for your listeners. I have to manually download your podcast and transfer it to my phone. I often can't remember which one I listened to last, so I download one and find out I already heard it. That can't be good for your bandwidth.

Green Steelhead said...

Well, for me, the Box app craps out around 45 minutes, and when I try to reload it, the thing goes haywire or errors out. I usually have to reload it and remember where I was in the Podcast. YouTube is fairly stable for me.

heresolong said...

I rip all your youtube videos to mp3 to listen on my phone so putting your podcast on youtube will add a step. That being said, there is a free program that does it so I don't worry to much about it. Youtubetomp3converter from DVDSoft.

One benefit to you would be increasing your audience since you have talked several times about the disconnect between your youtube audience and your blog audience.

+37 (I think we are up to about 37) on requests for an RSS feed button. Sorry I couldn't make it happen for you but maybe your media empire needs an RSS feed guy who knows how to do that stuff. You know, trickle down economics, you successful guys hire some poor schlub just out of college. :-)

Unknown said...

It would make it easy to play your content on mobile devices. I was unable to find your podcast on soundcloud or iPP podcast for example. Having this on youtube would allow people to go straight to your audio content rather than scrolling thru the website to find the podcast posts and then play it from another tab/window.
Keep in mind too...more youtube plays/more ads = more $$ to you!