Monday, January 13, 2014

"There Are No Good Investments"

Yes, there are no good investments.

That means it's time to think about things like gold, silver, (yes even) education, but may I also recommend


That is why Ed over at Ranger Self Defense has been a long-time sponsor of the blogshowpodcastvlogyoutubechannelthingy I have going on here.

If you have surplus funds and you don't know where to investment them consider some security cameras for the home, some mace for your children in college, a taser for your spouse, or some diversionary safes for your valuables.

Ed literally has EVERYTHING but guns.

You can visit Ed here and purchasing something at Ranger Self Defense.


Tom the Impaler said...

What? Nothing safe? Not even my Nickel stock investment in HEMP?

leeholsen said...

i gotta disagree, just like silver and gold are investments during chaos; there's market funds that are good buys when chaos reigns; but of course if there's enough chaos; you'll need to invest in lead.

Jane the Grad Student said...

I've heard that when the world finally goes to Hell in a bucket, that cigarettes and booze will be pretty good currency too.

Pete Brewster said...

Shouldn't the kids in college be getting copies of Worthless and regular reminders that university is a waste of time and money for anybody not majoring in STEM?

Also, if ammo is looking like a tempting investment, surely so should a second passport. Once the shooting starts there's not going to be nearly enough good homes for all the expats.