Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review - "The Book of Alpha" by David Lorenas

"The Book of Alpha" written by David Lorenas is not a book.  It is a guide.  It comes in at 74 pages, but about 60 are actual writing, the rest is foreward, TOC, and space between the many chapters. 

This is a common criticism I have of many writers on the internet.  They write an essay, a treatise, or a guide, but they call it a book.


That criticism aside, it is actually a pretty good guide.  Matter of fact a very solid one and one that every novice or young man should read if new to the Manosphere or just breaking away from the singlemomgovernmentfeministsschool indoctrination matrix.

Yes, you can find this information for free on the internet.

Yes, if you have already consumed copious amounts of manosphere material, you probably won't find much new here.

But it's going to take you a long time to find these key tenets or gems and David has the efficiently and succinctly documented in his guide.

This the what I like most about the guide - its brevity and efficiency.  While he doesn't delve into too much detail about the philosophy of "why" you should do these things, he explains them adequately enough for a beginner.

Are you a fat loser wondering why you can't get girls?

Read this book.

Do you hate your job and your career?

Read this book.

Is there anything about your life that you would like to improve?

Read this book.

Best of all, it will take you maybe two sittings to read the entire book and you'll come away with the basic solutions to most of your problems.

My only complaints (aside from it being a guide and not a book) are two:

One, some of his topics/chapters are a bit too touchy-feely girly for me.  Stand tall, Breathe Deeply, Meditate...ehhhh....sure, if you want, but those aren't the core issues facing men today. 

Two, by no fault of the author's, David has the benefit of employment and things more or less going his way.  I could be wrong, but David hasn't suffered any major life failures, crippling events, or devastating or debilitating crises.  This leads the book to be a bit optimistic in my opinion. This does not, however negate his advice - it's all correct. But a much better chapter than "Meditate" would be how to maintain and pursue all these bits of advice in the crushingest deepest depths of a hellish life.

In short, I would not recommend this book for anybody who is a man, is a veteran or advanced student of the manosphere, etc., but for rookies and noobs.  Nerdy sons whose fathers don't have the heart to tell them to man up.  Loser friends who have no guidance or purpsoe in life.  And douchebags that need a swift kick in the ass.  The Book of Alpha would be a god send in their lives.

You can find "The Book of Alpha" on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.


Marty said...

You associate any expression of religious or spiritual need as effeminate...

What did those creeps in the Wisconsin Synod do to you?

Anonymous said...

Here is a YouTube video that is relevant, but not directly related:

The Economics of Sex

Kristophr said...

Rather than meditate, I suggest a Cortical-Thalamic Pause.

Just stop, clear your head of all talk-talk, and calm down. Once the hamster stops spinning that damned wheel in your head, you can make useful decisions.

Doesn't take more than a half minute.