Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For All Our Australian Agents in the Field

Howdy All,

I have a friend touring Australia with a band right now.  Naturally he is very busy, but as many of you know, traveling on your own, even with colleagues gets a bit boring.

Wondering if there's any of our Australian Agents in the Field that would be kind enough to show my friend around if his tour comes to your town.  Here's the schedule:

Shoot the ole Captain an e-mail if you'd be kind enough to have a beer with the guy and show him around.



Unknown said...

Please visit for more info, or contact me for ticket information.

Anonymous said...


I live in Melbourne so happy to help out when he's here. However your contact email is behind outlook which I refuse to install as it is the nut low. Drop an email to me via my blog if you wish.


Phero said...

Sure. I'm in Sydney doing the same kinda thing with most days free.