Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

Damnit, I wish bloggers would come up with something intelligent to write about.

I love it when people who have nothing going on in their lives cheer for the "local team" when the "local team" has NOBODY from the state playing on it.  Reminds me of the Nika Riots with the red and the blues...or was it the blues and the greens?  What does it matter.  Mindless idiots who get pissed off when "their" team loses deserve to suffer the sadness.


Astrology is not a science.  But don't tell Jezebel readers that.

Happy Valentines Day for all the girls with moxie and grrrrrl power!

The Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan keeps looking better and better.

A perfect example of how leftists debate shift, squirm, lie, and retreat.

Affirmative action in STEM is so bad.
It's so bad that to teach programming you don't even need to know how to code if you're a girl.
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Mark said...

It gets worse. Because many projects (at least in Computer Science) are often in teams, there is incentive to carry these dead weights rather than drop them and see your grade suffer.

Anonymous said...

That coding reference was classic. I saw the same thing with a female engineer I worked with. She was so lacking in knowledge the company had to get her out of the field, so they promoted her to management.
That ticked two ones: she was no longer messing up calculations and they now have more female managers.
Score for feminism!

Anonymous said...

Hey cap, ever think that affirmative action is just a big plot to get minorities and low quality women into professional careers known to lead to lower fertility? STEM, law, medicine, higher education, etc?

Democrats also favor abortion, which means fewer religious votes now and fewer minority votes in the future. They are making policies that will end them eventually, when global demographic patterns start to dry up the availability of immigrants! The Mexican migration will end soon, just based on their fertility rate falling.

The left's big tent ought to be snapping to pieces right now or very soon, and it is only held together by sheer stupidity and momentum now. The anti-Bush hysteria really worked...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:50 - you'd be right except that Western culture will get 'taken over' before we see the current policies see their conclusion.
If the West were an island with no immigration, then you'd be correct.
History has shown us that when a dominant power in the region starts to falter, the next up and coming rises up to take over.
I believe we'll see a collapse and a rise,not necessarily in that order, within 5 years of each other.

heresolong said...

Cheering for a team, regardless of who actually plays on that team, creates a sense of community among the people of the area. That sense of community is sorely lacking in most other aspects of our modern society.

leeholsen said...

"The Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan keeps looking better and better."

Yep, while most are working as hard as possible to allow them to steal more of their savings, i'm spending mine and taking a vacation every month this year. if they continue this decline pattern, i'll "enjoy the decline" and sit retired in my generator powered house with my huge pile of hard assets and lead when the govt finally hits the riot button.