Friday, February 28, 2014

"Obscene Profit Break"

Well, hopefully obscene, but i'll settle for just "keeping the lights on."

Academic Composition - Be smart just like your future employers and corporations!  OUTSOURCE your stupid liberal arts prereq classes homework to Alex!  He charges $20 a page for writing papers so you don't have to.  Besides you liberal arts professors really don't care.  They just want your money and are thankful for having a job with a worthless degree!

Asshole Consulting - Want to be lied to?  Well hire a real consulting company or read Cosmo.  Want the truth?  Hire an asshole, like me!  Asshole Consulting - because everybody needs an asshole.

Rattlerstrap - It's neither a rattler, nor a strap, but a paracord belt every outdoorsman and outdoorsgoddess needs when hiking.  Get yours at

Talon Knife - Small, discreet, and great for personal defense, especially when you're kidnapped or absconded with. 

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