Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

I'm going to say it again - school is NOT for the children. It's for people posing as teachers who don't want to work real jobs.

Could a blogger win a Pulitzer?  Interesting question.  But the question is wrong.  It should be "should a blogger even want to win a Pulitzer given what's happened to other awards like the Oscars and the Noble Peace Prize?"  If anything the bloggosphere should create it's own Pulitzer.

I miss Johnny Carson.

58, $200,000 in student debt for a "Masters in Social Work" and won't ever be able to retire.
Aw, that's too freaking bad.
I do recall baby boomers lecturing me when I was younger about doing my math homework.

Piss Morgan gets cancelled.  I do recall him "interviewing" somebody about gun control and calling him an idiot.  Will CNN replace him with an equally and obviously biased left-winger or will they be more discreet this time?

A podcast on using testosterone replacement therapy. 



heresolong said...

I know how much you love the "but I have a friend who doesn't fit your argument" posts, but just thought I'd throw in that I am a conservative math teacher who works very hard. I get paid a fairly low salary but am OK with it considering that I only work for 2/3 of the year and I don't complain about it because I like having the extra time off to ride my Harley and go surfing.

I thought I'd throw this in because teachers have been getting hammered on a lot in your blog recently and, as the exception that proves the rule, wanted to insulate myself from your criticisms.

Unknown said...

FYI - Google Chrome is blocking the Captain. It says that because it links with, that it is a known source of malware.

So I have to read your blog via Firefox.

Great blog, please keep up the good work.

heresolong said...

I got that too, if you click on advanced options it will let you in anyway. My malware software hasn't made a fuss so figure it's OK. The breakdown from google also says that they haven't actually detected any malware so it may be someone reporting the site to mess with them. Not sure how google does that.

heresolong said...

As an added bonus, I actually read the post on roosh's forum about schooling and couldn't agree more with a lot of the comments.

One of the toughest parts of teaching is dealing with totally checked out and unmotivated kids and trying to figure out how to get them involved when they don't want to be. Sometimes you just can't figure it out and that kid gets left behind. It doesn't help for the parents to yell at them as they just don't see the point. I try to help them see the point, including giving them the "play the game and get through it" advice.

The tough part about is that trying to deal with them slows the process down a lot, hurting the other kids' learning. My solution has been to refuse to slow down. If you are getting left behind, check back in or come in and see me later, at which point I will spend as much time as needed to help you out. I am often in my classroom two hours after school ends helping students. I could stop this if I slowed down, but then the kids who really are getting it will get bored and then they check out.

I agree that the education system in this country is messed up but I do enjoy my job, I work hard to reach as many kids as possible, and I wait for an alternative system.

So there we go. Three posts by the same guy on one post by the Captain. I should get my own blog or something for my rants and stop hijacking his. :-)

Joseph said...

"Will CNN replace him with an equally and obviously biased left-winger or will they be more discreet this time?"

I've heard Kathy Griffin mentioned. Yes, that one.

Robert What? said...

OMG - $200k in debt for a useless degree at age 58?! You think that as people age they gain s smidgen of common sense, if not actual wisdom. Apparently not.