Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

Those stupid Russians who actually LIVED under communism.  Don't they know they did it wrong and our super-awesome intelligent professors are superior to them?

Speaking of the stupidity of communism and an overly large state.  Banning laced panties.
You leftists really do hate fun, joy, love, and good looking people, don't you?

They can't tolerate men...but they all want to be married....thus...they want the benefits, but none of the work because....they would have to think of somebody other than themselves...thus the mannequins


j blog said...

A youtube channel named Vladimir Jaffee, Previously from Russia, records videos of himself debating for capitalism, against leftist protesters. I'd recommend this one first.

Marxists Explain Freedoms In Socialism To Former Soviet Citizen

In addition most of the occupy wall street videos are funny.

Anonymous said...

It is almost impossible in a command economy to avoid scarcities and gluts. The reason? The government has to price everything. How do you price a paperclip? A pencil? A ballpoint pen? A pint of milk? For Russia, that meant that a central office in Moscow had to arrive at prices for several million objects.

How do you make a pencil? the economist asks. How do you price it when it is made? The free economy answers both questions.

The Nazis maintained a semi-free economy (directed at the top, of course), and largely avoided this problem. But they were a clever bunch of SOBs.

Kristophr said...


There was exactly one officially sanctioned subscription to the Wall Street Journal in the Soviet Union. It went straight to the Politburo's finance offices, and was delivered secretly.

They used it to generate what they could not do themselves: pricing information.

They would get out the futures section, and use it to help set official commodity prices for that day.

Kristophr said...

There was nothing free about the economy in Nazi Germany.

It was strictly command control at the point that Speer took over, with slave laborers as needed.

The Nazis really meant the Socialist part of National Socialist. Fleeing Germany with money was a death penalty offense. Goebbels was officially bitching about the tax rate not being progressive enough even as the Russians surrounded Berlin.

Their only real gripe with Bolshevism was the fact that Russians were in charge of it.