Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Titillating Tuesday Linkage

Over the counter paternity tests - how long until the government bans you say?

Dr. Helen reviews Bachelor Pad Economics!

Oregon - a place you should already be smart enough never to move to.

Uncle Jay explains the boomer obsession with the Beatles. (get it "Beat"les, clever huh).

I'd like to say, "thank god! You're finally out of our way!"  But unfortunately the replacements are even worse.

The ROI of college degrees with (OH NOES!!!!) THE MATHS!!!!!!!
So basically, STEM majors will understand the article and humanities majors will claim it's a Euro-male construct designed to oppress people who can't do THE MATHS!


Sean said...

and a book on databases and SQL and you would know more than all the CIS/MIS/CS nerds with BS degrees.

Total cost < $300!

Time invested 6-12 months depending how hard you work to learn this shit.

BTW, MS has the software for personal use/learning available for FREE!

Anonymous said...

OTC Paternity tests: Banned for men to prove they are not the dad. Approved for women to prove a man with a job is the dad.

Anonymous said...

Women won't get The Gooberment to ban it unless it disrupts the gravy train.

It won't...."Presumptive Paternity."