Friday, February 21, 2014

FCC Bureaucrats Want to Sign Off on Newsroom Stories

It has been a long time that the MSM has become so corrupted, so biased, so purposeless, that it not longer deserves nor has the capacity for being the 4th branch of government.  It has largely become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the democrat party and has turned "journalism" from a somewhat respectable profession to a hobby egotistical, math-imparied children major in because they want to avoid real work.  But whereas you, I, and anybody with an ounce of intellectual honesty can see this, the general masses, not to mention the modern day journalists who populate the industry, don't.  The people still trust the big three networks, swallowing anything the MSM puts in front of them, and the people in the MSM are too arrogant and stupid to see themselves for the leftist shills they truly are.

Of course there are pockets of resistance in the dinosaur/MSM industry.  Joe Soucheray is one of those pockets and in a non-brown-nosing way is about one of the few true and genuine journalists left.  However, (in true journalist form) he uncovered a story that should not only strike fear into the hearts of every American, but only goes to show you why the MSM really has completed the transformation from 4th branch of government to propaganda arm.

The FCC is trial ballooning the idea of having a government bureaucrat in each newsroom to ensure "underserved" markets are getting "critical news." (this links to a podcast and yes, you should download it and listen to the whole thing).

Now I'm not going to beat the same old drum that you, I, and anybody who's been paying attention already knows.  MSM is biased.  Journalism is dead, yada yada yada.  But I will say this:

The above makes it official.  The internet and podcasting are now officially the 4th branch of government.

The fact that NO major news media outlet ran the above story on their front pages only confirms just how in bed with government and socialism the MSM is.  It takes a dying breed of journalist like Soucheray to highlight it and bring it to the forefront with what mediocre platform he has.  So if the MSM is going to be so blatantly compliant and unnerved by what is nothing more than a brazen and frightening assault on the first amendment, it's going to be up to us "nerdy bloggers" and "citizen journalists" to do their job for them.

Thankfully this is easy.  And not only is it easy, it's easy to do a better job than they do.  Instead of answering to a narrative, we simply dig for the truth.  And any rookie blogger in his pajamas, drinking coffee in his basement who follows that simple rule will be a better journalist than most of the kids graduating with "Masters in Journalism" from today's laughable schools.  But the real reason the internet, blogging, podcasting, youtubing, etc., will surpass the MSM not only in terms of being the 4th branch, but in terms of popularity and widespread acceptance is that the MSM is old.  From the corpse that is Diane Sawyer to the burnt out 60's hippies in the boardrooms of the media giants, their stories and narratives are getting old, repetitive, and stale.

Whereas they think a story about a gay football player is news, people under 45 don't care and don't like the insinuation of being a homophobe.

Whereas they think racism is still a problem, people under 45 don't care and don't like the insinuation of being a racist.

Whereas they think the "wage gap" is real, people under 45 know better and don't like the insinuation of being a sexist.

In short, the narrative of "lecture, berate, and belittle" has run its propagandist course, and instead of lies, politics, and social engineering, younger generations simply want the truth.  And exposing the government's desire to take over the MSM, AND the MSM's dropping its panties and spreading of its legs in the form of silent acceptance is just a good of a starting point as any.


pops said...

@The people still trust the big three networks

if you mean 60+ years old, sure. that's the demographic that still watches the big 3, cnn, fox, etc. i'm pushing 50 and i don't have cable or even own a tv. i meet an increasing number of yougins that are doing the same.

anyway, i'm off to down a bottle of metamucil and run the neighborhood hoodlums over with my mobility scooter.
off my lawn!

QueenA said...

God bless you man!

sth_txs said...

I hope you are including Fox News as well. The only decent guy they had on over the years Judge Andrew Napolitano with his own show but canned because he tells the truth.

Surprisingly, Ron Paul gets some air time with Neil Cavuto, but other than that even they are heavy into the establishment.

Uncle Elmer said...

The recent Cheerios inter-racial commercial uproar was a good example of this, as dutiful MSM outlets decried non-existent "racists" who didn't like it. The real story is that General Mills makes billions selling low-nutrition cereal products through convenience stores on the EBT market, and the commercial was a cynical corporate attempt to position themselves as open minded and progressive.

Anonymous said...

Hardly front page but Fox covered and there was an op-ed in the WSJ.

Kristophr said...

They gave up on that survey. They are now trying for a race survey to determine ownership diversity of station owners.

These libtards are like goats trying to escape a pen, dumb but persistent.

Anonymous said...

I'm 53. What's with the under 45 thingy? I like what you write, but what's with the ageism thingy?
I didn't encounter non leftist MSM until 1998, when National Post was launched.
Unfortunately with it being owned by Postmedia Network Canada Corps, a lot of lefty writers have infiltrated the pages, like Andrew Coyne. However I have never liked Jonathan Kay (editor of the opinion section), who calls me a crank because I don't believe in Catastrophic Anthropogenic global Warming.
By the way, here on the West Coast of B.C., its snowing right now, one of the latest snowfalls I have ever seen here.

Chris W said...

Captain said

"... But the real reason the internet, blogging, podcasting, youtubing, etc., will surpass the MSM not only in terms of being the 4th branch, but in terms of popularity and widespread acceptance is that the MSM is old..."

Sorry to rain on your picnic but in a few years the government will make posting certain facts illegal.

certain words will be automatically censored and blogs may even be closed down ( kind of like in China )

Google has already warned WND that the words " black mob" will not be tolerated anymore
yes black and mob can not be used together anymore even if it is true as the surveillance videos show that mobs of blacks enter certain establishments and cause damages, intimidate staff and steal merchandise or beat up people.

stating such facts is now unnacceptable according to Google

The left controls almost everything and the only thing they do not control , the only place where there is "resistance" is the internet,

this will not last.

The left is totalitarian and getting worse every day

I give it about 10 years at most.

We will be silenced I would bet money on that

but then once they do that I would also bet money things will get ugly as some people will start a revolution, maybe a civil war.

Robert What? said...

I'm guessing the Obama administration are going to go full court press to bring on the socialist tyranny they crave before Obama leaves office - assuming he leaves office.

Jamie MacMaster said...

Yes, our MSM is truly awful, but it is a pretty good reflection of its viewers/listeners. To twist MacLuhan, the Mediocrity is the Message.

I'm not even convinced that the drop-off the networks are experiencing is viewer dissatisfaction with their terrible products. I think it's more likely just another indicator of another wave of even greater generational dullness.