Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm Blaming Marissa Mayer for Yahoo's Mail Problems

I want to introduce you to a website that I never knew existed, but thanks to Marissa Mayer and the deteriorating e-mail performance of Yahoo, I've had the honor of getting to know intricately.

You see, it has been a weekly event that the ole Captain wakes up and logs into his e-mail account to see if any of you lieutenants, agents in the field, economists or chillllldren have something important to tell me.  You know, links, thanks for the book, I hate your guts, that kind of thing.  But whilst the ole Captain can log in all his site does is freeze because Marissa and pals have overloaded their e-mail with advertising.

Of course, if you didn't know this or about the above-mentioned site, you would think there's something wrong on your end.  So you spend an hour of your precious finite life trouble shooting something that isn't your problem.  But instead, here is the problem:

Now I really don't care that Marissa Mayer became CEO.  Women can and do make fine CEO's.  But when the performance of the company and its products just spectacularly tank whilst coinciding with a new CEO, I'm prone to believe the primary cause is that CEO.

Of course, good luck finding any articles about her performance that is critical.  It's all about her having a baby, her setting up nurseries, and whether or not a "woman can have it all."  But this IS actually the core of the problem.  Instead of focusing on the shareholders and customers the media is focusing on politics and gender.  So much so the primary article being shoved in my face from searching for Ms. Mayer is about her giving a speech.

I don't want to have articles about her as a person.
I don't want to have articles about whether she's making the company go green or not.
I don't give a damn about whether the nurseries at Yahoo Corporate increase employee satisfaction.
And I don't give a shit about her fucking speech.

I want to know why my god damned e-mail is down.

And until the media (and corporate America) refocuses their attention on profits and not this modern-day-touchy-feely-CSR-diversity bullshit soap opera, you can expect more and more businesses to fail.


Anonymous said...

fuckin A-men!

Anonymous said...

I work with mostly is nothing but feel good feelings cluster fuck. Can I come in early..can I leave early..can I work 3 hours and go home sick. Some have FMLA and seem to come and go as they please. One is pregnant now and you would think her baby is the second coming of Jesus. And don't get me started on the amount of time spent on Facebook and cell boss says it is like herding cats all day.

Adam Lawson said...

Everything I've heard about her gives me the feeling she's a self-righteous boar of a person (in the "has tusks and needs to be avoided" sense, so yes I meant boar not bore). I wouldn't label her a bitch, yet, but she just seems like she would be an INSUFFERABLE annoyance to deal with.

Her only qualification for anything seems to be a list of qualifications. Nothing concrete. And she's done nothing to keep the damn company afloat...

Anonymous said...

Do not use yahoo mail anymore.

ChrisP said...

So, you going to change email providers?

I use myself. No problems yet.

Anthony said...

Yahoo has been floundering badly since before Mrs. Mayer took over; it's just that the damage is beginning to show, as the better people have been bailing out before the stench of Yahoo's death spiral contaminates them.

Anonymous said...

Marissa Mayer has nothing to do with day-to-day functioning of Yahoo mail. That isn't at all what she or any other CEO was hired for. In this case, all those fawning fluff stories mean she is a good CEO, since getting good press is one of the primary responsibilities. It's a BS job, but the kind of BS that only a few of us can really do effectively, which maybe makes it not a BS job.

Anonymous said...

One bus for men and one bus for women. One is filled with fun and laughter. In the other nobody talks to anyone. That often sums up workplaces too. That's why mixed workplaces often work better imo.

Anonymous said...

Well the stock value has gone up since she has been appointed so she can't be doing all that bad a job.

Kinda surprised anyone uses Yahoo TBH.

Anonymous said...

"Women can and do make fine CEO's."

No, they don't. I think we've seen enough proof of that.

Women simply don't have the capacity for logic, forward thinking and leaving one's emotions at home necessary to run an entire company.

But because of their particular genitals, and this super-sensitive (read: feminized) social climate that encourages them to yell "harassment" when they're held to the same standards as men, they get hired quickly for jobs that men actually have to work years for.

The proof is in the pudding.

After 15 years, I'm switching to a better mail service -- which, at this point, would be any of the others. Calling a woman out isn't sexism, by the way, so you can leave the ancient, deflecting shaming tactics at home.

In fact, before anyone responds with childish vitriol, think about whether or not the above has been true in your life. It's not misogynistic to be realistic. It's not as if I'll return to read replies anyway, so you're left with seriously contemplating this and making it an adult issue that can be (gasp) intelligently debated.