Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Victory Unlimited Show

Victory Unlimited is the name of a show.  It is also the name of a man out east who dispenses advice to all the boys out there (who was kind enough to link to me).  I started listening to "VU's" podcast and was impressed with his presentation.  He carefully scripts and rehearses his performance which results in a higher quality, succinct presentation (as opposed to my unscripted ramblings and tirades).  However, this unfortunately means there's not as many episodes.

Still, because his material is dense (meaning packed with a lot of well-thought out ideas and wisdom, not "dumb") it is definitely worth taking the time to download his podcasts or "missions."  I would also add he is very fatherly.  I don't know his age, but whereas I kind of fashion myself the "older brother you never had, but need to beat some sense into you," VU is very much like a patient Ward Cleaver.

Regardless, visit him and "complete all his missions."

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