Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

This is the main reason I don't get a doctorate.

Remember my video about parents crippling their retirements to pay for their childrens' stupid degrees?  I take that video back.  I want stupid people to suffer.  Especially when they pay for their precious little princess to major in this.

Three cheers for Patriarchy!

A nerdy white mathematician plies his trade, has success, and a feminist gets jel.

Teachers, please, get over yourselves.  You are overpaid baby sitters for children whose parents love their careers more than them. You purposely and consciously chose to become teachers because it was easy and you got 3 months a year off.  You are regularly at the bottom for IQ when it comes to IQ by major and your professional association (unions) are disproportionately responsible for the destruction of the family and the country.  Please have a cup of STFU.


Robert What? said...

BTW - I got banned from ClarissasBlog for having the temerity to provide facts that countered one of her claims. She was incredibly rude and obnoxious in response to a thoughtful comment I posted. Interestingly, she left the whole thread in-tact (including the part that I was an idiot who didn't know what he is talking about) EXCEPT for my comment that provided factual support for my earlier comments.  That one she deleted and is accepting no more from me. Just thought you'd want to know how she rolls.

Anonymous said...

I did not do a PHD path because I learned how to do a cost-benefit analysis in High school. There simply was no benefit other than the ego of people calling me "Dr". I couldn't afford that much ego as a hobby.

So I bought some guns instead and played a lot of computer games. And still had more time and money to spend with my family.

Anonymous said...

Man, you'd be great as a professor. Powerful writing skills, a capacity to attract a crowd with the force of your personality, an appreciation of finer things in life (good alcohol, good cigars), a high level of discontent with the system of higher ed and formal education, and a healthy degree of grumpiness - you are totally one of us. :-)

Anonymous said...

well, Aaron, at least the girls are in shape!