Friday, February 21, 2014


Again, I ask, is there ONE leftist program that has ever solved the problem it set out to solve?

Once again, no.

But at least some spoiled suburbanite kids got to have their egos stroked that they were "doing something."

And that's more important than ACTUALLY ending poverty in Africa or ending disease in the Caribbean. 

Three cheers for spoiled American girls who want to avoid math and help out society so they use non-profitism and its ease as a way to shield their egos from the fact they produce nothing.








Anonymous said...

How about this one:
£500,000 payout for museum boss over mental trauma of paramedics arriving 17 minutes late when she dislocated knee on the bus home. (It remembers me of the other ditz with who didn't pay ticket and was kicked out of a train.)

Anonymous said...

The bio on her blog reads thus:

"I’m Pippa! I am the Chief Community Officer and Director of Talent at BrightCo, 21 years old, and live in NYC. I started this blog as a way to challenge myself to write regularly. Everything that I post here is unfiltered, unedited and is not a representation of BrightCo or any other organization or company."

I don't think there is any way to get a higher concentration of SWPL in one person than this.

Anthony said...

You know, sure, the author was one of those spoiled suburbanite kids who got to have their ego stroked, but this one was smart enough to realize that she wasn't doing any actual good. She says:

"I am not a teacher, a doctor, a carpenter, a scientist, an engineer, or any other professional that could provide concrete support..."

And then she goes on to tell others like her "if you don't have real skills, stay the fuck home." Not in exactly those words, but the message is loud and clear. She wasted a bunch of time and money, but unlike so many others like her, she actually learned something.

Kristophr said...

If these leftists really wanted to end poverty in areas without civilization, they would advocate a return to colonialism.

Tribalism cannot be reformed from within. Despots and tyrants are merely the "old-growth" stage of tribalism and clan-ism.

Until tribalism is stomped out, the starvation and poverty will continue.

( All civilizations became civilized by finding a way to subordinate family to society at large, undercut tribalism, and thus allow trust between people who were not related to each other.

This trust is the very foundation of civilization. Tribals do not have it, and thus fare poorly in adversity.

Sparta did it by eliminating family and replacing it with barracks life. Rome did it by shaming family heads who's members didn't live up to Roman standards. The Asian cultures did it by making shame and face far more important than mere family relationships. Modern Europe did it through religious shame. )

Glen Filthie said...

Well Captain, when it comes to all things Manly - your only competition in the game is Uncle Bob! And, he has a treat for us up over at the Treehouse! Stop in if you want to see the cunned stunts of Pussy Riot getting flogged and run off as they bitch and protest about something or other! It will warm your heart!

I hate to say it but I am starting to like those damned commies. Compared to our liberals and democrats here at home they are certainly much better people.

MarkN said...

Spoiled trust fund princess like Pippa make me sick; especially when they think my hard earned tax dollars should fund their unicorn dream NGOs. Which seem to accomplish nothing but incurring high SG&A costs while delivering nothing of social merit.