Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Did Tyema Sanchez Vote for Obama?

If she did, then she voted to replace men with the government.  And I frankly, don't care about her problems.  Perhaps Obama can escort her to the next nightclub and defend her.


Bob Smith said...

Technically, she didn't vote to replace men, she voted to enslave them for her benefit.

Ras Al Ghul said...

They wanted equality they got it. Thiueves aren't supposed to target women and children.


Since women haz all the money in society now with the wealth transfers, who did they expect to target?

And quite frankly, if its just a "bunch of tissues and makeup" then hand it over and quit expecting men to die over it like the dumbass that chased the robbers when they snatch his girlfriend's purse:

"And Thursday, a man was shot chasing men who snatched his girlfriend's purse."

Anonymous said...

I especially like the quote " When women get pissed, they get things done."

No, women don't get things done, they bitch and moan about it until a man gets sick of all the bitching and makes it happen. How do you think women got the vote?

Anonymous said...

Strong and independent until there's trouble and calls for"men" to save her. She talks of a kid where is her husband? I don't think I'll ever understand why they think some random dude should jump out and save them.


Anonymous said...

Amusing. Surely all she needs to do is to organize a demonstration to protest against violence against women. That always works - sure!

It does sound as though some of the robbers bear animus against women. Which is increasingly common.

Merlin said...

"Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?" Sanchez continued, her voice full of frustration. "Men are failing us. I feel as though we are not being protected."

But, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, right? You wanted equality, you got it. Why are you complaining?

Oh right, I'm just a misogynist. I don't count. And the day when you cry for help, I still won't count.

Anonymous said...

So a large group of women(without men) toting purses demonstrate against thieves snatching purses...does anybody see a "target-rich" environment for purse snatchers, who obviously have no regard for human life--or is it just me?

Take The Red Pill said...

Reading this story made me think that maybe these 'adult boys' who are doing the robbing are most likely the grown-up spawn of 'proud', 'strong', 'independent' single mothers "who didn't need a man".

Anyway, what's Ms. Sanchez complaining about? Hey Ms. Sanchez, you must have a VERY short memory because you women don't need us men for anything, anyway -- you said so! "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", remember that? Well, we unneeded bicycles remember it. We lived through something like fifty years of you women dishing out truckloads of misandric crap on us, until we finally realized that you didn't really have much to offer us anyway, and started Going Our Own Way.

Men –- bicycles don’t need fish neither, so 'Be a Happy Bicycle'!
Leave these fish flopping behind you; all that they'e good for is leaving trails of slime and misery behind them anyway, so ditch them and Go Your Own Way!
Remember – “A man needs modern women like a fish needs scuba gear!”

Anonymous said...

This is just purse redistribution. Ultimately, women are the benefactors of purse snatching!

Deebos said...

Of course organizing a "man up" protest is all they can think of. I have a radical idea, instead of asking random men to protect you how about you leave your f'ing purse at home so nobody gets shot.