Monday, February 17, 2014

It's "Da Jooz!"

What's great about blaming "the Jews" for everything, is that it guarantees the blamers will forever fail in life because they never identify, let alone address the real problem - themselves.


Kristophr said...

If the jews are so all powerful, then the first thing that pops into my little head is:

"Are they recruiting? I'd like to be on the winning team. Secretly running the world sounds great!"

Rabbi Goldberg said...

OH VEY! You are being such a good little servant of Israel!


Black Knight said...

If Erdogan is as antisemitic as Glick claims, that would pretty much refute this blog entry by counterexample. Erdogan is hardly a loser in life who doesn't amount to anything. Starting from nothing and becoming the ruler of a country of 70-some million, that's more win than 99.9999% of all men will ever get.

Come to think of it, I have no problem coming up with highly successful antisemites from the top of my head. Henry Ford, Alfred Krupp, Charlemagne, Edward Longshanks, take your pick.

Paul, Dammit! said...

This was an interesting one.

I find myself at times dealing with an irrational dislike for muslims. It's something I deal with, and being self-aware helps to mitigate my responses to certain issues that pop up when I'm dealing in a professional capacity with some decent muslim folk... and most of the muslims I deal with are decent people.
Sublimating personal bigotry is something that you find as part of the Jewish identity, and a tradition that comes from their exercise of prayer- 'talking to God' in an argumentative fashion is a respected tradition- berating, complaining, debating, all in the effort to reach higher truths in self-awareness.
The fact is, even secularized moderate Islam has no such counterpart in the modern world. Turkey's problems don't just extend from this devolution, but from a cultural prohibition towards detente. This is worsened by a religious proscription against honest compromise with non-muslims. Unfortunately, Islam is forbidden from evolving, and Turkey, as a semi-secularized former theocracy, will always have an identity crisis because of this, even though this creates instability, it also creates an illusion of potential for nation-building... right up until you hit the ancient hatred that lies under the very thing veneer of modernity that exists in Turkey.

As a former shipmate once said "Dammit, I hate going to muslim countries. They're not even smart enough not to crap in their own drinking water."

Racialist Heretic said...

They're not responsible for everything, but definitely for a lot.

Ras Al Ghul said...

Just to be contrarian, Cap

Who runs the federal reserve and controls the banks which you despise?

Who runs most of Hollywood and the media that promotes the current anti white male culture that has led to the hastened decline of the United States?

Which group has pushed strong immigration in the United States?

Kristophr said...

Ras Al Ghul:

Don't confuse secular jews with observant jews. Secular jews were originally on Lenin's team in the Soviet Union.

And yes, bankers can be extremely evil.

Many bankers are ethnically jewish because that was one of the few occupations they were allowed to have in Europe for several centuries.

( although the bigots that forced them into strictly intellectual fields may have accidentally done them a big favor: The top of the Ashkenazim IQ bell curve is a good 15 points higher than any other ethnic group as a result )