Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday Night LInkage

Masters and doctoral students in the liberal arts get their due.

The "best of" "I need feminism!"  Oh, can you imagine these adult children impoverished and psychologically delusional at the age of 45?


Matt Forney's Podcast is less-sucky!  His delivery is improving, though his topics need less hate and certainly are not for the feint of heart.

The second story in this link (don't ask me why Ace of Spades does it this way) bought a house in Detroit for $500 and now he's going to fix it up.  I'm cheering him on, but I am not hopeful.

Malta.  The latest tax haven/Mediterranean Hong Kong.  Once I scrape up by $1.2 million, I'll be there!

A quick synopsis on the housing market. 

The children are our future!


Unknown said...

The "best of" "I need feminism!" raped my brain, the stupid is just so out there. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOL

Anonymous said...

oh god that last link, So much fucking stupidity from those who don't know shit about what its like out their anymore.

look I'm part of that generation, I've lived those experiences. its not pools and main service and living in a three bedroom house.

no I've lived out of a glorified storage shed without heat or running water, I've worked backbreaking labor in the desert sun for a crisp picture of Lincoln I had to use to get enough food to keep my body going so I could do it again tomorrow.

not a single one of those people still living with their parents wants to be there but there is just nothing out there for Us.

we were stuck because the elderly generation blew their money and couldn't retire so no one moved up and few if any openings existed.

and let me tell you it's damn hard to be an entrepreneur with no starting capitol.

Anonymous said...

House in Detroit not worth $500. All he did was buy a permit to pay Detroit taxes for the rest of his life, Unless he can find some other sucker to take it off his hands.

Kristophr said...

The Ace of Spades ONT ( overnight thread ) is a social thread for the Morons ( their name for themselves ).

Ace or one of the co-bloggers will put up several news stories for conversation fodder, and just let one of the moderators clean up if comments go to far beyond the Moron standard.

( comments about shooting hobos with a .30-06 while drunk on Valu-rite vodka, and smoking the meat are ok. Neo-nazi bilge or deliberate libtard trolling will get your posts edited for "clarity" )

Anthony said...

The second one (Gender Studies degree) really does need feminism, because otherwise she's completely unemployable. The rest only think they do.

The brony is probably the most self-deluded. Besides being a brony, he's also enough of a herb that feminism is destroying his chances to find a girlfriend or wife.