Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

HR, female, and baby boomer.  And look at how she covets her precious little "high level senior level network."  Never once did it occur to this "recruiter" to look at talent.  Not once.  It's all about power and status.

The difference between "qualified" and "entitled."

Looks like the white kids have cooler toys.  But sarcasm aside, it's blatantly racist and laughably inaccurate.  Maybe if you put a laptop or a calculator in their hands it might be more accurate.

OK, maybe some white kids do like guns. But they shoot predators and not other humans with it.

Aurini's latest podcast.


Anonymous said...

That first one made my blood boil. People with her attitude are trash. I have more respect for homeless lunatics or welfare mommas than women like her.

salsa shark said...

Things must not be going so well for that Blazek woman in the first place if she has the time to be personally typing out long winded diatribes attacking harmless entry level pups.

If it was a person/organization who was in relatively good fortune, the response would have been a simple boilerplate referral or redirect - which would still be immensely frustrating to the young go-getter, but would not inspire any ill will and revenge.

Anonymous said...

Christ, what a cunt! I've reached out to senior professionals plenty of times.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking there are no innocents in the HR piece.