Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wascally Wabbit Wednesday Linkage

"Horoscopes" - That's all you have to say.  "Horoscopes"

Davis Aurini with his latest podcast.  As always it's mind-numbingly boring.  He discusses why it's futile to argue with leftists, the stupidity of Valentines Day and talks a little science fiction.

How come cowards like this don't show up at my house?  Oh, that's right, they're wearing masks.  They're cowards, and they know they'd be greeted by a hail of gunfire if they set foot on my property.

Stingray brings back a classic.


Land of the free.  Home of the slaves.  How much you want to bet those young kids are going to take the deal from the devil and STILL vote democrat?

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Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha said...

4% of your wages for a year of tuition? That sounds a good deal for a leftist who are going to work at Mcdonalds for minimum wage anyway.