Monday, February 03, 2014

Veterans Speak on Why You Should Stay in the Military

Karl and Cardigan (sounds like a GREAT jazz duo) voice their opinions about the military and whether you should stay in it.  Cardigan is also kind enough to mention "Bachelor Pad Economics" (which every man in America should be reading, so including infants...150 million...times the $8 commish...makes me...ummmm....$1.2 billion not even close to it). 

Anyway, yeah, I'm sure to a 22 year old 4 years in it sucks.

Try the alternative OR at least listen to your 30 something elders who might have perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I do not disagree with any of the points made; but have to mention one factor that has to be weighed in the decision to enlist or not today.

We are at a time when the rule of law and the Constitution are teetering on a knife edge. If you are in the service, there is a very real chance that the tip of that spear may be pointed at your own people. Before enlisting, some mature consideration as to what you would do in such a case, a consideration of the Oath and the meaning behind the words of it, are a vital part of the decision process.