Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

Cornell professors running scared that their students are wising up and minoring in employable degrees.  They fear some of them may even switch majors and "not pursue their true passion in life."  Keep selling that snake oil you verminous scum. Keep selling it.

Even Google is realizing the worthlessness of college degrees.  though, like IQ tests, will the government make them illegal because they discriminate against blacks?

5:19.  Just fast forward to 5:19.  Tattoos, single mom of 4, horses, and mysticism.  You just can't make it up.

$660,000 for a superintendent, who still went bankrupt.  Remember teachers hate you.


Anonymous said...

sandman is one heck of a resource for men, his video on the misandry treadmill is a great view.

Anonymous said...

I think sandman's reading too much into the laughter. People would laugh either way; or at the very least, just because the people are laughing, it's not like they don't know that the ex-wife was a TERRIBLE person.
And with the horse lady, I dunno man, my immediate reaction listening to the lady was that she's one of these new-agey weirdo types, she struck me as off period. I was actually waiting for the punchline of whatever it was you were posting about, I didn't realize it was her general craziness. Just because people weren't saying anything, doesn't mean they don't realize she's a loon.