Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why You'll Never Have a Good Job

My latest piece at ROK.

An excerpt:

You are going in there, day in, day out, to f*ck that company out of as much money for as little work as possible before you throw it away like the slut you picked up at the bar last Friday. You will pump and dump your employer.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"the Baby Boomer generation was absolutely HORRIBLE in terms of financial planning."

Ah, I see a need...

leeholsen said...

good article, i would add a couple of things that will also contribute to almost everyone having a suck job/career.

one: the world is into globalization and it will just get worse no matter what a politician says; which will keep bringing pay down and cutting jobs for decades.

two: automation. within 15 yrs, its likely that many manufacturing and retail jobs will be automated.

imo, the only careers that show promise are the stem jobs and sales jobs.

my advice is to go balls to the wall with a stem career and live on less than 50% of what you make and save the rest and retire when you have enough to live on that saved 50% on the average US lifespan as those who think job conditions are bad now, havent seen anything. when the usa has to actually tackle its finacial problems; its going to make any job worth its weight in gold and employers will know it and treat you like shit. they'll have you washing their dicks just because they know they got you when financial reality hits the usa.

Kristophr said...

Learn a trade.

Someone has to fix crap for the Eloi.

Blackwing1 said...

Have you ever read "The Dilbert Principle" (Scott Adams, 1996)? In the section on performance reviews, he noted the following.

"...your managers real objectives for the Performance Review are:
- Make you work like a Roman orchard slave
- Obtain a signed confession of your crimes against productivity
- Justify your low salary
Your objective as an employee is to bilk as much unearned money as possible out of the cold, oppressive entity that masquerades as an employer while it sucks the life-force out of your body."

Sounds like he had it nailed 18 years ago.

Simian Browse said...

The last job I had before I went to work for myself was as a retail analyst for a petroleum jobber. I had maybe 25 hours worth of work per week. I would often delete jobs I had finished and then redo them just to stay busy. Eventually, I tired of this routine and made friends with the head of IT. He told me nobody monitors what we do online so I then proceeded to begin downloading every episode of Bugs Bunny I could find on the internet. After a few years of this, I quit. But I can fondly look back on the days where I was paid to d/l cartoons!

BTW, great post - dead on advice.