Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

When the child competes for your spouse's attention and love.

If there is a reason I vehemently hate the left in this country it's because they don't even care about the country enough to defend it and maintain it's sovereignty.  File also under "Another reason to not subscribe to The Economist."

As a non-ideological viewpoint, Conservatism needs a different form of study to be understood. Liberalism and ideology reward the memorization of talking points and arguments; conservatism requires an understanding more like biology or mechanics. Liberalism teaches thoughts, conservatism teaches how something works

One chart that disproves global warming.

Annnnnnd the president backpedals on the one time he told the truth.

Joe Cotto's part 3 on government's assault on free speech through political correctness.

He says "7 uncommon reasons" to quit your job.  I call them "REALLY GOOD REASONS."

Divorce!  It's good for the economy and it's good for you!

MSM is shocked to see a 23 year old acting like an adult.  Three generations ago, MOST 23 YEAR OLD MEN WERE ADULTS!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Re Mexicans in the SW US: don't they refer to their movement as "La reconquista nueva?" - after the Reconquista, which was the recovery of Christian Spain from the Muslims. It took 7 centuries, and was completed by Ferdinand and Isabel in 1492.

Not coincidentally, they promptly funded Christopher Columbus, who had followed them all over Spain asking for support, and the rest is history.

Well, US Grant characterized the Mexican-American war as the least just that the US ever fought. However, he was patriotic, and he did help to win it, to the best of his considerable abilities.