Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

Kelley's Heroes was one of the greatest movies because there were no women in it bar some nuns.  Which is what you would have seen in WWII.

The "manosphere" looks like it might get a wiki page.

I do believe the military has gone to pot.  Maybe they need to up their recruiting age to 30 before letting all the retards in.

Marx also refused to bathe.  But I don't know if he hated himself because he was white.  Then again, maybe this is the "new and improved" communist.

"I've been hurt by a lot of assholes in the past, and I really care about you, so I want to do this right"

This is the biggest global threat.  More so than terrorism.  When governments act like cartels to "harmonize" (read "jack up") taxes, then you eliminate the only thing really keeping them in check - competition for labor, capital and intelligence with low taxes.


Anonymous said...

Kelly's Heroes was the first thing I thought of when I saw the preview for the new Maaaatttt Daaaaamonnnnnn movie.

Wraith said...

Dude..."Clean Privilege" is one of the greatest trolls ever. It's just too perfectly mocking of the idiocy of Special Little Oppressed Snowflakes. This HAS to be a joke.

If this is actually serious, then we really are living through the End Times, and they can't conclude fast enough. =:o

Lonely Conservative said...

I regret clicking on that "clean privilege" link. Yikes!

But thanks for the link!

Pete Brewster said...

The proposed manosphere article was rejected over a year ago. Big Sister co-opted Wiki long ago, and the betas in charge are actually encouraging more feminists to join up and increase censorship of Wiki. The current article on the men's rights movement is, of course, a pack of feminist lies from start to finish.

Legion said...

Beg to differ on women in Kellys Heroes. When Kelly and Crapgame went to recruit Oddball, there were several woman in the group of tankers. The women were tending the fire, cooking, and obviously ready to service the 3 tank crews. Then the horde of French villagers.

Yes, excellent movie.

Paul, Dammit! said...

The low bar set exclusively for the army is going to come at a cost; point in fact, it always has. George Washington hated his infantry's ignorance and brutality so badly that he ranted on and on about it on paper, noting that they were a necessary evil to be caged and leashed until it was time to direct them at a target.
We've actually come a long way, in putting an honor code in our lesser-skilled army grunts. It's a bit of a paper shield, but it's still a terrible shame to see the results of having had their standards dumbed down again to the point where they're putting borderline mongoloids on mortuary duty.

Author Marko Kloos wrote a great sci-fi novel (Terms of Enlistment) about an American future welfare state where military jobs were the only option to get out of the Projects, and competition for acceptance is brutal. Great read.