Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Destroy Your Retirement for Your Kid's Dumbass Degree

Make sure worthless professors have a cushy retirement while you eat dogfood.


Aquinas Dad said...

I tell my sons what my father (a medical doctor) told me and what his father told him, etc.
'If you're smart and driven enough to go to college and graduate, you're smart and driven enough to figure out how to pay for it yourself'

Joe Bar said...

Isn't this exactly what Wendy Davis' ex-husband did for her?

BTW, if you are headed for med school, the military will happily pay for it. TANNSSAAFL, though.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, Aaron, we know how to enjoy money, much better than some poor schmuck who funds his dumb kid to give us all of that nice filthy lucre! We are fulfilling our Darwinian duty, just like catfish or dung beetles!

- the Laughing Professor

Anonymous said...

I found these meme photos about college on facebook. I think that you'll enjoy: