Monday, February 10, 2014

While Principal Theresa Nolan Educates Your Children

I'm going to say it again for the cheap seats.

Education majors are the dumbest, laziest people there are.  And you let idiots like this broad in to not only teach your children, but THEY'RE IN CHARGE OF THE TEACHERS!

Anybody want to guess?

Worthless liberal arts degree?
Well to do parents?
Never set foot in the private sector or held a real job?

I haven't looked her up. I just want to see if Ms. Nolan is another high scorer on The Clarey Test.

Mercy, and you wonder with affirmative action charity cases like this why your kids aren't getting educated.


Anonymous said...

no need to publish this, but please fix the link

Maximo Macaroni said...

Can't open the link, Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n nails another one over the Center Field wall...

Dr. Theresa Nolan is not only a graduate of that fine institution, but taught English there for nine (!) years prior to becoming the Assistant Principal for five years, with this being her fifth year in the head office. Her "achievement" is that "the school atmosphere is not only more intimate but more diverse. “Diversity breeds acceptance,” said Nolan. The school motto is “See the difference that pride makes” and it is obvious that Nolan couldn’t be more proud of her students and faculty"
Other greats are "Tim Anast, who today is a stained glass artist and instructor at the Vogt Visual Arts Center".
Let's not forget this stab at greatness either: "Tinley Park High School Student Council Sponsor Ms. Kelly Waiter, and Principal Dr. Theresa Nolan, present Mr. David Reyes and Mr. Emilio Morrone from Forget Ellis Entertainment Company, with a donation for their current film"...
Oh, and how is the school itself, you may ask? Let's look at the Chicago Times, where we find the following disturbing headline:
Tinley Park High School
Compare this school with other schools in Tinley Park, Bremen CHSD 228, or Cook County
This school did not meet federal education standards.

But hey, look at all of the diversity!


Anonymous said...

"it correlates with the law"

Really, Superintendent Enderle? It "correlates" with the law?

Big words used slightly incorrectly is the hallmark of the poseur.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you haven't already seen Scared Straight:Liberal Arts.


Anonymous said...

She does listen to either students or parents. She is unaware of what is really going on at TPHS. Do the math Dr Nolan- a former teacher accused and arrested for sexual charges-with a student. this teacher was engaged to a co- worker who was a student twhen the accused teacher was a student teacher at TPHS.- Dr Nolan don't be claim that you weren't aware of this..

And we have you overseeing our school/ students??? Time for a new principal